CIS can exist for a long time, because no harm

For which there is CIS — just for the sake of tradition and public opinion in the Member States or this structure really need to deal with any common problems? Can we now call the CIS pro organization? To these questions in the transfer of expertise Liberty meet politicians Silitski Vitaly and Andrei Fedorov.
Tsigankov"A lot has been said that the CIS is going to die, that the real decisions were not adopted. Yet managing these states became common, sign some documents. How would you describe the situation in the CIS? Either divorce has long held and presidents and prime ministers meet by political inertia, or these meetings they really needed — not only for the public presentation in their own countries, and to address any specific questions? "

Fedorov"Given that the meeting of Heads of Government with all the formalities only lasts 3 hours, even from this we can conclude that it will be is largely formal. They will sign some papers — we know that in the CIS about their signed 2 thousand, but really only works from their 10-percent x
I believe that we have every right to argue that the CIS almost exists in a very small degree. Technically — yes, it is all stored in a greater degree for the sake of public opinion in their own countries. Talk about the existence of a common society, where several countries are in a state of war almost (Azerbaijan and Armenia) — do not have to. "
Through CIS Our homeland "means the area"
Silitski"I think that the CIS just transformed into something similar to a club. And in this format it can exist forever, because no one harm. CIS integration association as some — obviously, this is not long and it will not. But there network closely enough bilateral relations, it is possible to use these forums for negotiations, coalitions, etc.. In this case — why not?
In addition, there is a definite "interest group" that one way or another connected with the CIS. For example, the CSTO — it’s pretty harsh and the present situation. And there is such fervor — "mark location". While there is the CIS, this design tool symbolic place that lays claim to the Russian dominance of the area. "
CIS now to nothing obliges
Tsigankov"Indeed, the heads of such Myagenkaya invented a form of existence that allows them to meet, but to nothing obliges. But do not enter into it disconnect the fact that there is next to the CIS not only Armenia and Azerbaijan, and the country under cool war among themselves (Our homeland with Georgia and Ukraine). As such cases are likely in real associations like the European Union and it can not be a precursor of the final breakdown in the CIS? "
Fedorov"It is worth remembering that at one time was a very strong conflict over Cyprus between Greece and Turkey, members of NATO. And specifically the role of the organization is not allowed them to start a war among themselves.
I, but agree that this particular form of existence myagenkaya CIS, which one to nothing obliges and allows managers from different countries to meet. After all, their high level bilateral meetings there is little, Putin and Saakashvili personally met quite a long time — and within the CIS summit meetings occurred. It just might be in favor of states and the CIS, which is a form of existence allows them to meet, gives some hope for solving ambiguities. "
Tsigankov"A can not be harsh new bell latest tensions between Russia and Ukraine — and the situation around here Simferopalyu and trade issues related to the fact that Ukraine joined the WTO and now puts his conditions of Russia … As leaders of these countries are" razrulit "this situation?"
Fedorov"How did they" razrulili "I do not know, but I’m sure it will be made not in the framework of the CIS, certainly. If you manage to solve it, it is only at the bilateral level. Ukraine can now deliver RF barrier to entry into the WTO, and I think that Kiev is one hundred percent right to such acts. fact it is the result of irresponsible statements of certain Russian politicians. makarom So, once again, as the structure of the CIS in this conflict zalagozhvanni no role to play. Maybe leaders met at the summit and to solve some this issue. "
CIS — a platform for dialogue with Russia and "against Russia"
Tsigankov"Vitaly, you were that the presence of a certain element of Russian and geopolitical impact in the CIS still exists. But CIS includes including such countries who seek NATO. So all the same whether it is possible to consider the CIS in a sense Myagenkaya neutral association, or still is a structure in which the main role played by our homeland? "

Silitski"Those countries, which you had read, they are not quite valid in the CIS format, and their level in the different structures of the CIS is limited. So there is a big contradiction, I do not see. Specifically, since for them in the CIS is a platform for dialogue with Russia .
Those who are more tied to the Russian Federation, they are more closely cooperate among themselves in other institutions. Recall CSTO and especially the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) — this is absolutely not the CIS. This is just for those who are more satisfied with the patronage of.
Because when we talk about the role of Russia in the CIS — certainly, first a symbolic role, and later — the role of such rod. After all, the last factor that contributes to the conservation of the CIS — is that there is some kind of a platform for dialogue with Russia. And, surprisingly, including dialogue "against Russia." For example, the question of Yulia Tymoshenko meeting in Minsk is very exciting. "
Tsigankov"At one time, much has been paid attention to education of so-called GUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova) — and many called him anti-Russian. Currently this structure Tipo somehow forgot. How can we evaluate its existence at the moment? "
Silitski"GUAM could exist only under the assurance that there will be other fuel supplies from Central Asia to bypass Russia. This is quite a difficult geopolitical structure, and then a little from the GUAM depended."
Fedorov"I think it’s supposed to is not that anti-Russian and pro-Western education faster. Currently we litsezreem that Moldova slowly walks away as Our homeland gives her any promises, the Transnistrian problem will be resolved in favor of Chisinau. Azerbaijan as a major supplier in the region energoelementov intensively involved and very very interested in diversifying energy supplies own wealth. Therefore, as the political structure of GUAM is unlikely to happen, but as the economic society in which there will be no unifying center, just more closely economic and energy affairs, — GUAM will exist. " Tags: Our homeland, CIS, Ukraine, CSTO and GUAM

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