Emblem and flag day in Grodno for recorder is better not to read

Chairman of the Executive Alexander Antonenko reminded that today’s coat of arms and flag appeared after the May 1995 referendum. None of the speakers did not remember white-red-white flag and coat of arms "race", which became the symbol-independent Belarus.
According to the favorite of the "For Freedom" Milinkevich (it worked once Deputy Chairman administration), white-red-white flag, which hung over the Grodno City Executive Committee, after a referendum was passed to the museum. That’s what told Grodno passersby about their attitude to the days of the coat of arms and flag.
Lady: "Pro prazdnichek know as kids are walking. And do not know whether there is a need for such prazdnichkom. Since starting with one flag, continue with the second."
Reporter: "You uttered: Babes stroll. They walk around the square in front of the monument to Lenin prazdnichek celebrate? "
Lady: "Yes, to the square."
Reporter: "And they say that the students of this?"
Lady: "They did not they say about it, usually silent. They also hijacked, forced to come, that they can tell? "
Young Man: "Do not note and never heard of such prazdnichek."
Young lady: "Of course, heard of it, but no longerwhat to say. "
Young Man: "To be honest I do not know such prazdnichka, but probably it is important if someone organizes a celebration."
Young Man: "I know that there is such a day, but for me it is not so fundamental, that I noticed it."
Young lady: "On this prazdnichek know, but do not celebrate."
Her friend: "Do not, do not celebrate too."
Man: "Well, of course, I think it is fundamental to any state emblem and flag — it is fundamentally, it is an honor man, his face."
Youth"No, we do not know what will prazdnichek."
Young Man: "For myself, I do not consider it fundamental. Why? Understand: in this country read better without the recorder. "
Young Man: "This is clear prazdnichek as we heard about it that day celebrated our emblem and flag. Directly But mark, it is not mentioned, of course, never."
2nd boy: "No, I mean this prazdnichek did not know at all to you I did not say. And about the significance, for me it does not matter. "
Youth"I know the history of our arms — an old and new, as the history of our real and an old Belarusian flag. A general need to do something neutral. "
Young lady: "I honestly kazhchy, emblem and flag day now do not celebrate even often forget, I do not remember a clear choice. As for me, the current coat of arms and flag — awkward legacy Russian times, as, for example, the same Khrushchev, collective, what do not hunt to remember again, because I do not celebrate. "

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