Finnish shop will sell for rubles

 Department «Stockmann» in Helsinki in December will accept as payment in Russian rubles. Go to such measures makes obstrivshayasya competition from Sweden and Estonia.

According to «Helsingin Sanomat», more shopping "Stockmann'e" the Russians are doing so improve the service for Russian tourists is so important that from the beginning of December the store will accept Russian rubles.   

Coming to Finland, the average Russian tourist buys primarily food — for example, fish. The next item is clothing for adults, then cooking utensils and other household goods. 

In January-September 2012 the total value of tax-free purchases made by Russian tourists increased by a quarter compared with the same period last year. The total number of visits and overnight stays in hotels also went sharply uphill.  

According to a recent study, the most obespechnnye Russian tourists in Finland — from Moscow and its environs. They stayed in hotels for longer periods and have gained more services than tourists from all over Russia. On the other hand, they are buying less food and other goods that could bring home. 

As the chief economist of the Federation of Finnish Commerce Jaan Kurenoyya, in attracting Russian tourists in Finland has to compete with Tallinn and Stockholm. This year the number of tourists from Russia to Estonia and Sweden increased significantly

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