Flotilla Ship Repair Center asterisk enriched modern tug

On Sunday, December 16 to the area of "Sprockets" entered tug "Alexander sighted people." The path length of three thousand nautical miles from the building to the home port, which runs through the five seas, the new tug yagrinskoy shipyard went for ten days.

The tug was built at the shipyard of "Leningrad Shipyard" Pella "in 2012. Its main feature is the use of an engine full-circle rudder propellers and higher in comparison with other tows "Sprockets" power of the main engines. These qualities of the new tug will conduct ship's shifting and tilting the ship without additional boats. Tug "Alexander seeing" equipped with external fire. The tug can be used to tow a self-propelled vessels and floating structures on the high seas and harbors, to work in the ice thickness up to 0.8 m, hold court in the port areas, to carry out escort operations in the sea at speeds up to 10 knots, to fight fires on ships and port facilities.

The main technical characteristics of the vessel:
Length -34.4 m, width 12.7 m, displacement 862 tons, speed — up to 14 knots, the crew — 8 people.
Main Engines — 2h1864 kW Caterpillar 3516B. Propulsion — two full-circle rudder propellers «Rolls-Royce».

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