Gorodoksky activist fired from his job

Sovereign Avtukhov dismissed treatment plant operator "in connection with the expiration of the contract," but this prerequisite dismissal Avtukhov considers his political and social activities.
A couple of years poporyadku Avtukhov was hosted meetings with the inhabitants of the city Milinkevich he heads Gorodockaya BPF community, publishes a local independent newspaper "To victory". In Last year at his own expense he set far away from the district center memorial cross dedicated to the victims of Stalinism and fighters for freedom, and addition time, as the cross was gone a day or three, opposition requests from the police to find and punish the perpetrators or those who gave the respective order.
To protect Leonid Autukhou appeared his associates. They filed a request to the executive committee, that April 10 and 11 to hold a rally of solidarity with the dismissed activist. But received a written refusal: vice-chairman Hope Burunova executive committee said that the law on mass events such format no public action as a "picket" and therefore requested the applicants can not be satisfied.
Cities activists are preparing a new application — already on "picketing," according to the correction Deputy Chairman executive committee. Now action in support of sacked activist in the City wish to spend 23 and 24 April.

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