Grandparents-88 Among the important events of the twentieth century

20 years ago, October 30, 1988, thousands of residents of Minsk, who came to Eastern graveyard to celebrate a day of memory Dzyady were brutally dispersed by police. Who gave orders to disperse and beating people? Are the authorities were used against people firearm? What events in the same row are Santa-88? This is what we are talking with the poet Vladimir Nyaklyaeu. 

"In assessing those events are now often blasphemous things"

Michas Scoble: "The Emperor Vladimir, you worked in 1988 the main editor of the youth magazine" The Source ", the founder of which was the Central Committee of the Komsomol. Position as at the time namenklaturnaya. So what you suffered on those illegal power, Santa?"

Nyaklyayeu: "I think for the same reason that there suffered 10s of thousands of people. Initially our conversation, I wish to express how time in Russian says" strong protest "against the blasphemous relationship to those of Santa and the people who participated in their . example, one poet who at that time had apparently walked to the pot, now says that Belarusians, it turns out, those were Dzyady squatting, almost on all fours. And concludes: say, no struggle there and there was and there is nothing significant has happened. Yeah God is with them, with the young people. But if the same estimate is in the memoirs of an adult writer Adam Globus, who writes: "From our such youthful and unreliable hands, ran the flag of freedom in the hands of Belarusian Popular Front ", and that, they say, was a fatal mistake. What does this mean? That the person is trying to make some story, separate from the general history. And proves that wherever he may be, he was the first. This again is completely blasphemous approach to the very important dates. "

"Dzyady-88 are in line with the date of March 25, 1918"

Scoble: "You talk about the importance of choice. Everything is learned in comparison. Which series of political events for you seen Dzyady-88?"

Nyaklyayeu: "If you factor out majestically Duchy of Lithuania and the creation in 1903 of the Belarusian socialist society, the real, faktalyagichnaya story for me begins with the 1917 revolution. This is the first date. 2nd day — the Belarusian People’s Republic in 1918. 3rd — proclamation January 1, 1919 the BSSR. 4th event, almost forgotten, — Battle of Warsaw Poles against the Bolsheviks in August 1920. In Western historiography, it is considered on a par with the greatest fights in the history of mankind. It is unclear what happened to Europe, if Tukhachevsky was Poland … In the army, Pilsudski, incidentally, had a lot of Belarusians.

5th event — in 1924, the first vzbuynenne Belarus. Sixth — 1926, the second significant vzbuynenne after which Belarus became total 5,000,000 people. Seventh Event — 1947, the adoption of Belarus in the founding countries of the United Nations. And the eighth significant event in the list for me are Santas 1988. Nedakumentalnym result they became a global awareness that Belarus was, is and will be. A documentary resulted in the adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty and the creation of the Republic of Belarus. Are sincere, that pro-Communist majority of the Supreme Council horrified 2-10-s deputies from BNF? No, she was horrified that Belarus, which proved to be 30 October 1988. "

"Judging by the parties siloviki, October 30, 1988, they could use a weapon"

"Not so long ago in an interview with our radio Zenon Pozniak said that Belpolk and internal forces that dispersed people in the Eastern cemetery in Kurapaty were armed, and they were given live ammunition. How do you think she was ready to apply the power of a weapon against the people ? "

Nyaklyayeu: "Soon after in October 1988 in the magazine" The Source "we gave the photo report from Santa. I recently took a binder and looked it. Judging by those security forces, they could apply the instrument.’s Very hard to say that it would be better … How- then we remembered those actions with Konstantin Tarasov, very bold way, man. And he said, that was not worth Paznyaku stop people put them on the ground, let them go on, and there was a skirmish. And maybe, after its processes democratization and suverenizatsyi went better. Well, I do not know … For me, the bloodshed must be avoided until the last, and I’ve been absolutely on the side of Zeno. "

"The authorities could not understand how she did not obey? She says:" Yes feet! "And there must run this leg and — no running!"

Scoble: "In a state newspaper I read that the October 30, 1988, law enforcement authorities were obliged to stop the anger of people and therefore applied the gas and batons. But what was human anger? Seems waterjets is not reversed, the cemetery fencing on steel pranty not dismantled. By I think the anger was only one side — by the authorities. "

Nyaklyayeu: "The police were really scared. And they were not scared because someone there wrenched bench. They could not understand how it is they, the authorities do not obey? They said:" By the foot! "And there must run this leg, and — no running! That’s what they were for nezrazumelasts and fright. Incidentally, under this fright power soon after met Santa in the House of Writers with writers as major participants in those events. To understand that all -still happened. And there stood up and read as decent people with decent power — Victor Karamazov, Victor Kazko … And jumping those hated me from tsyavkannem his sleeve with a desire to grab the elephant’s heel. Now let’s ask ourselves: where now these tsyavkaly? Karamazov Kazko and stayed there, where they were — in the literature. And where these? Now they are among those scribblers and azadkalizav, which gathered under his wing General Cherginets. "

Scoble: "We did not finish about" anger. "I just remembered inadequate on its own acts of ruthlessness police. On sitting in the police people went wedge. On my sight went to people on the shoulders and head. Writer Ales Ostashenko then broken ribs. My Others simply boot heel rastavkli clock and broke a finger on his hand. Who could make such absurd — from whatever angle look — orders? "

Nyaklyayeu: "In my sight dragged into funnels Ales Bialiatski. Girls rushed to defend him, and I was there because of some sergeant grabbed. Behind me someone kissed baton, but the police were confused, maybe the brakes? And here I heard with my own ears: "Make an order!" mean — was ordered to arrest, thrash, poison gas. remember, then walked to the side, as if not taking part in the confrontation, Deputy Interior Minister Konstantin Platonov. I knew him long ago when he was still working Komsomol Secretary. Tipo He remained on nezameshanym Dzyady. But this is unrealistic. After one has a fascinating company, where there were also representatives of the authorities, and intellectuals. dashing And one lady got up and threw in the face of Plato’s "You Strangler! Pray to God for the fact that the killer did not. "And he silently swallowed. So guilt and power felt."

"And for the first time, taciturn stsyavshy mouth, people looked out from the crowd. Almost people. "Why remained" virtually "?

Scoble: "Is not the first artwork on Dzyady-88 became your poem" Quiet rally, "written at the same time in the weekly" Art and Literature ". He ended the lines: "And for the first time, taciturn stsyavshy mouth, people looked out from the crowd. Practically humans. " I hunt here to focus on the word "almost." Belarus has long become a become-independent state. And the word "almost" — but what? "

Nyaklyayeu: "Unfortunately. Unfortunately, it remains" almost. "So that it is not left, I would not have written the story" The Return of the Faith ", it is written in the number 35 of the magazine" verb ". There is "almost" is not there on every page. Incidentally, I absolutely bring the poem "Quiet rally." And the protagonist asks: "Was the same State climb was alive energy. Where are all gone? "And, I confess, a clear answer as to why for the past 20 years" almost people "does not appear to the people" not-amalnaga "if I may say so, I do not have."

Scoble: "The hero of" The Return of Faith "also visited the cemetery near the East in October 1988. Grandparents affected his subsequent fate. And you personally, they have some event-division before svyadomasnym? "

Nyaklyayeu: "Certainly. Those Dzyady impacted me and sensual, both politically and arbitrarily yashche.Tamu what happened to me the same magic that happens with most people. In order globe who blasphemes. And he and I then beheld real Belarus. One thing — read the works of Vladimir Korotkevich there Belarusian people, has a history of Belarus. And it is quite another thing — personally behold: here it is, Belarus, came here came to these persons devchenok aunts and men. Here it is yours. I was the first time I saw something real volume of Belarus. And their texts, I began to think differently. They began to find some adresok began to find who to come. I’m all that and all of them — saw. And it was for me very much. "

"You can not incriminate Poznyak for what he is choosing between the power of life and chose to live"

Scoble: "Y" Return of the Faith "you aggressively reads about the 1st Belarusian politician:" fled abroad, even the one about whom everyone thought that he will fall in Kurapaty and the pitch with blood of the earth not to step. "Is human life outweighs all policies, taken together? "

Nyaklyayeu: "Naturally, all human life outweighs, and not counting it in person is nothing. Prior to write a phrase you read at the moment, I wrote a story that ran poet, referring to himself. And I’m here, in Belarus , was more appropriate criteria than Zenon Pozniak S. (if they admit whom it directly). Zenon struggled with Lukashenko in power, and that is a very tough thing. struggle for power — a hard thing, though with what likely consequences. And I do not exclude the possibility that the consequences of these for Pozniak would have been catastrophic. Because blame man for what he is choosing between the power of life and chose to live, though what the common man does what is not allowed, but just can not. "

"Cherginets its alliance must realize that Belarus should start Belarusization, albeit step by step, the gradual"

Scoble: "And the question beyond our asnoynay theme. On denkov resigned from state service Mykola Cherginets — concurrently chairman of pro-government Union of Writers. How do you think this would somehow affect the existence of the organization he headed?"

Nyaklyayeu: "Certainly, at the moment this guy will be more difficult pieces of chewed those for which they were gathered in the Union. What we ultimately can come to this coexistence 2-unions — I do not know. Either bow or more disperse . But so Union is not so exactly. Say disgusting that magazines have a "Flame", "Youth", the newspaper "Literature and Art", the eponymous publishing house? This under any circumstances without prejudice. Dali them indoors, where our alliance. Well, on health. Suppose are sitting, let them prosper. But that union members should be aware that the writer publishes books and works in publishing is not in order to only to eat and drink. They should be aware that Belarus should start Belarusization, albeit step by step, gradually. According to another lost one human heart, which we all watched October 30, 1988. If we lose it, then everything else, including us, is not worth the question. If you Belarusian writer , it is for you to live, no matter on what side of the fence you are. "

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