In pictures: the latest radar Voronezh-M in Usole-Siberian is in the final stages of completion

Radar warning system for missile attack "Voronezh-M" in Usole Siberian almost ready to preliminary tests, which will begin on September 1. These are followed by the state, which is scheduled for completion in 2014.

"Preliminary tests are quite durable. It takes all the necessary adjustment is calculated pattern of the station, the main parameters tested. This process is quite long", — Said Yuri Borisov.


At the same time, the Deputy Minister of Defence said that the station is already successfully solves the problem of destination. "This is the battle station. This is — no dummy. And the information to the command center received a real, which is obtained after the processing of radar data from the real ether. That is, it works and now ", — stated the Deputy Minister of Defence of Russia Yuri Borisov.

Also during his visit to the Irkutsk aviation plant Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia reported that Corporation "Irkut" successfully implementing contracts with the Defense Ministry on the delivery of 60 multi-Su-30 SM and 55 trainer aircraft Yak-130. In his words, "the whole volume of the order in 2013, and it is 18 Yak-130 and Su-14 aircraft 30cm goes to the troops in time. The deadline for delivery — November this year. "

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