June 1 edition of Gazeta Slonim may appear in the street

"Since the end of May, we completed tenancy contract wording. June 1 we can just be on the streets, if not continue to rent in the room or when the editor still will not find some other room, which still can not be found. As there is such a prohibition vneglasnoe organizations, companies not to let our newspaper. "
Reporter: "Your landlord — the state enterprise?"
"If accurate, the utilities, but our criteria that the utility that state — the difference really is not. Our landlord — combine public services. A second problem in this series — License executive committee for the retail trade in the streets of the town. Pretty select this permission does not extend it, as he also completed in June, and then our whole system of distribution, which is presently there will fall. Just these little old ladies on the street, are presently sell our newspaper will catch. There is another possibility — our own subscription, but a small percentage of the total circulation, which goes through the general membership. The main circulation is sold on the streets of the town. "
Reporter: "What a total circulation" Newspapers Slonim? "
"Circulation — a little more than 7 thousand copies. And we still have another newspaper -" blowhole. "Currently we sell separately two newspapers." Blowhole "is also registered as a socio-political, but it is easier direction. More addressed youth audience, children Page shtonumar prepared. sale spectrum 4.5-5 thousand copies. But precise socio-political sound naturally "Newspaper Slonim." And I can tell, that the newspaper is read, because everything that we print sold. Newspaper needed, acquire a variety of social and age groups. "

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