Kozulin will not apply to the tribunal to Lukashenko for toilet paper

For disk imaging daughter Olga political prisoner Alexander Kozulin is not going to apply for a tribunal Lukashenko an insult.
With Alexander Kozulin in Vitebsk colonies met his daughter Olga and Julia, also a grandson of Vladislav. Their meeting lasted for a day or 3. "Employees in the colony This time treated us fine, again I made sure that my father in the colony enjoys enormous prestige, even in the midst of police ", — said Olga Kozulin.
Daughter gave his comments policy regarding expressions Alexander Lukashenko made during a speech in parliament with yearly message. Let me remind you, Alexander Lukashenko stated that "Kozulin nobody needs" and that it "was used as toilet paper." Also the head of the country reiterated that Alexander Kozulin Tipo relinquished premature release and therefore remains in the colony.
"Lukashenko, in his opinion, has once again shown its essence. Meanwhile, father believes that the president is not allowed stoop to vulgar language. This is a relatively "toilet paper" and "lousy opposition." This father said that he was very sorry for Lukashenko and the tribunal he will not submit it because it shows a certain health condition. We use people and the Constitution as toilet paper "- handed outlook Alexander Kozulin his daughter Olga.
According to Alexander Kozulin, "opposition in Belarus need to merge and continue to seek the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko." Ex-presidential candidate Kozulin as before does not consider legitimate president Lukashenko. As for democratic position countries in the world, Alexander Kozulin encourages the continuation of tough sanctions against managers of the political regime in Belarus.
Alexander Kozulin and spoke concerning the diplomatic scandal between Belarus and the United States.
"No country in the world and Europe does not allow himself to such behavior regarding the U.S. such scandals. And that Alexander Lukashenko in his own unstable situation allows it for yourself, indicates control feature Belarus," — the words of Alexander Kozulin his daughter Olga. "The Pope urged the U.S. government not to give the requirements to further reduce the embassy staff, he believes these claims are absurd," — said Olga Kozulin.
As feels Alexander Kozulin, which is more year reversed held a 53-day hunger strike? "He says that feels satisfactory, and read more about the health unwilling. States that the bullpen has the bullpen, and then wait for the other can not" — said Olga Kozulin. That’s what she said about their own experiences:
"It seemed to me that he is very active. Ready to leave the colony, ready to act, ready to be cut into the social life of Belarus."
Alyaksandr Kozulin has been in prison since March 25, 2006. Politician was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison on charges of disorderly conduct and organization riots. In Belarus and the world, many attain liberation Alexander Kozulin, who is considered a political prisoner.

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