Lebedko pity that the nomination appeared late

The other day our forum Minsk correspondent debated with Party chairman Anatoly Lebedko.
For the head of the party and some of its activists present day began with a football field. Almost two o’clock they spent here, so as they say they are, "tomorrow be in decent physical shape." And it really useful as a place to rest in a small room at the office of the BPF only guaranteed women delegates and the peasants, who are already over 60. The rest will have to spend all the congregation on their feet, sovereign states Lebedko:
"Agenda for a day or approved by the Political Council, and correct it, we’re not going to. Maybe only a day or all the items on the agenda will be a tougher time mode."
Party leader celebrates two documents, discuss and accept the forum is — a message to the citizens, businesses and the country as the Party’s strategy for the near and medium term:
"Once a year, in April, Lukashenko makes his message. Even the titles are placed different values. We are on the first place put the citizen, person, human, and not the National Assembly or abstract people.
I predict that it will document the various estimates, with different scenarios and proposals for the development of Belarus. Although life points — what we suggested in our last letter, as in several versions of programs that have been transferred to the government, the power after was one way or another to implement. The only difference is that these proposals have been used with a delay of 7/10/12 years. "
‘ve Heard that UCP strategy goes beyond a single party. As it corresponds to reality, interested Anatoly Lebedko
"Yes, I think the voice during a speech several initiatives involving not only the UCP, and will face the united democratic forces. Supreme — already at this point to have a discussion and work out an agreement on the procedure for entering a candidate for the presidential campaign."
At tomorrow’s meeting candidacy Anatoly Lebedko going to make managing Lelchitsy city organization Nikolai Gavrilenko. Today’s favorite party says so on this situation:
"I reverence — regardless of political experience, regalia — all opponents. My only regret is that my co-worker showed up very late Gavrylenko. He did not use the opportunity to ride with me on the stairs, conference to announce his vision , what’s happening in the party. And I think such would look and fun, and helpful. "
Clearly, authorities Anatoly Lebedko forbid travel abroad. Not affect whether an event on voting tomorrow? Acting chairman of the party states:
"Now, my deputy Yaroslav Romanchuk still in Krakow at international conferences. He reports and position of the UCP and the combined strategy Democratic Forces. We have experienced, with the knowledge of foreign languages are people who are able to skillfully operate in an international direction. "
48-year-old peasant Nikolai Gavrilenko believes that the management of the joint civilian party not paying much attention to the regions: "Unfortunately, for many years the management party never visited us in Lelchitsy. Specifically in such regions need to conduct an active party building."
Nikolai Gavrilenko two degrees — zoainzhener manager and economist. In 2004 he ran as a candidate for the House of Representatives, but was withdrawn from the race of the CEC. At this point comes in the universal list of candidates of the United Democratic Forces for the fall elections.

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