Lukashenko met with Patriarch

Taking patriarch Alexander Lukashenko said:
"Belarus — Orthodox country, and the rate that we once took, we will follow. Wishes So our people." Now patriarch Capital and All Russia Alexy II
conducted a divine service in Minsk Holy Spirit Cathedral.
To worship could not pass all the faithful gathered at the church. Door guarded by riot police. But could look for worship on bolshennomu monitor that was installed on the street near the cathedral.
The Patriarch said that he was not the first time visit to Belarus and sees "great and abundant fruit of joint work for the benefit of the church and the earthly fatherland." He called to build and maintain church unity. Patriarch noted that "there are forces that want to reduce the impact of the Russian Orthodox Church of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and many others." He noted that the celebration of the 1020th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia "reaffirmed the desire of the people to remain united in the bosom of the Russian Orthodox Church."

Tags: religion, church, orthodox

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