Members of the opposition dismissed from their companies

Head of Vitebsk organization of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Jan Tovpyge offered to resign, as he appeared on the job after his arrest, awarded to him for his role in an unsanctioned rally. Over the eight days that he served in the temporary detention, personal company decided that the employee have an opposition safe.
Sovereign Tovpyga states that has no grudge against those who suggested he go when he went out on March 25 Freedom Square in Vitebsk with white-red-white flag, it knew perfectly well what might be the consequences of this act.
Emergence white-red-white flags Vitebsk was the reason for dismissal and activist of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Solovyan, who also worked in the private firm. A few days reversed in the unitary enterprise visited by the police to inquire about the identity of the sovereign Solovyan and that he has no business activities to the famous "Myron." Whereupon visit oppositionist management offered to write an application for dismissal.
Prevention and Reduction received Vitebsk activist Anna Latysheva. It uchavstvovala shares in the mourning in memory of Ira Kazulina. During this action, which took place in Vitebsk on 25 February activist administration officials have seen domestic services company where she works as a seamstress. And now, madam, which remained until retirement least 2 years, risks to remain without work.

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