Mogilev students forbid contacts with foreigners

Requests of this order of the rector. The Order was issued to ensure Tipo rights and interests of the people.
Order of business prohibited unauthorized teachers and students with the zabugornyh organizations in the management of the institute approved educational projects. In addition, during a visit to the institute of foreign delegations, according to the order, their representatives should be fixed administration official.
According to the Order prohibited implementation of educational projects at the Institute without the consent of the preparatory control.
Responsible for the execution of the order appointed Deputy Rector for international relations Dmitry Rachykav. Rachykav Emperor refused to answer the questions of "Freedom" issued relatively order.
Students also in private conversations, told the "Freedom", to familiarize with the order they are forced to sign under it. According to subscribe to the students and teachers by the order.
Students they say that such orders issued in all institutions of Mogilev.


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