Most old Belarusian authority — in Grodno

In Grodno preserved Franciscan church with a monastery — a monument of architecture of 17-18 centuries. As stipulated Polish experts, it is very old body in Belarus — 1750. True, he had deteriorated, and during worship enjoy elektrasyntezataram Casio. Old authority requests Polga repair, and the abbot Joseph Makarchik searches abilities.
Reporter: "We vznimaemsya on the second floor, to the gallery to the organ."
Priest: "And then you can look at" tummy "it."
Reporter: "Tummy body?"
Priest: "A better way — the stomach?"
Reporter: "stomach? Maybe then true to say — the insides?"
Priest: "You see: the column of electronic organ, and tubes — the real one. This is one part, and there is still the second floor. "
Reporter: "That never beheld — that inside the body."
Priest: "He remade by email, but does not play four years already. There were doctors from the Polish Ministry of Culture and they spoke, that this body is the old in Belarus. Considered those Nyasvizh and Budslau, but those were more later."
Reporter: "From the outside it is true, remained from former times — iron pipe and wood part?"
Priest: "Some of the tubes may have to be redone."
Reporter: But you have said — whose top figure tool — in the royal crown? "
Priest: "King David. His pose as the creator of the Psalms."
Reporter: "And above its sides — angels with trumpets?"
Priest: "Yes, with the trumpets. B" Apakalipse "says that when God shall come to judge the living and the dead, the Angels blew a trumpet …"

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