Our rulers bad trying to catch up with the life of Germany

Lady: "We, for sure, deliberately did not live to such awareness to change his life to the best. "
Man: "All the bad luck that we benevolent people. That he was more stubborn, then we would live better. Our power only in the language and in the tele works for the people. Get retirement, as if to add, but prices grow faster, ahead. And again the same: we do not need to look at other countries — and there is bad and there. Do to here was excellent! "

Failure that we benevolent people. To was more stubborn, then we would live better

Lady: "The mentality of some special. Their foreground-discipline, responsibility. "
Man: "I — a veteran and war, and the party and the army. Realized what was happening. Development of Germany came earlier — science, culture and art. When the war ended, they immediately set about restoring the German private sector. Army they did not keep. And the army realize how much money goes? We also lost a lot of people, while most have lost color. "
Lady: "They steal from us, and there are not stealing. Thieves are sitting in the government, in the police. "
Man: "In Germany completely different situation was. In them there was the Marshall Plan. The imperialists have merged! There threw everything to show that capitalism is better than socialism. America to contribute, it is — a rich country. "
Lady: "Do you think all live in Germany perfectly? They live just like we do. On TV you look, there is also a stroll and the homeless, and bloodless, and defenseless."

There threw everything to show that capitalism is better than socialism

Man: "It appears that we have that kind of power — on their own people does not think."
Lady: "Blame rulers who robbed us. They now shikuyut! Those Communists … "
Lady: "There can be seen the other people."
Man: "Who knows. Maybe there land better than we do."
Lady: "Just our bad rulers are trying to catch up with the life of Germany. Lukashenko just sings, but spreads aggressively."
Lady: "In 1-x, and we were poorer. And, certainly, proper management we did not have. Mark at least the same collectivization. Soundly sent people, hardworking. Galaystra And that was lazy — in villages and towns, they remained. They want to live at the ready! "

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