Petrus Brovka took Stalin Prize

"Russian Belarus" in 1928, informs: "April 29 and 30 took place in Minsk meeting of members of the All-Belarusian" Belarusian Literature and Art of the Commune. "Most of the members of the" Commune "showed that the control line" Commune ", which had been taken in relation to other writers organizations and individual writers, is incorrect. Taking this into account, most of the meeting announced the decision to dissolve "the Belarusian Literature and Art of the Commune." {Now, the members of the former "Commune" Athanasius Ottawa, Petrus Brovka Ivan Viduka and Makar Shalai filed an application their admission into the union "Foals"}.
"Therefore, Peter took the Stalin Prize Brovka second degree for the poem" Thoughts of Moscow "- wrote in 1948," Fatherland. "- Here perlik of this" best "works:
"Whether it is nice, for endless years,
You can not stand in the heart of love,
Many thoughts for you on the head,
Yes you all peoples aspire,
As always sing from the heart:
With us and our Moscow Stalin. "

Hvalaspevu of this shows that award-winning work is not so much art as … paplatny. "
"Evening Minsk", year 1978. The newspaper said: "The letter, dated 1615 year — the first written document which provides for the construction of roads in Belarus. At its base lay paving roads Slutsk-Minsk. She was a two-track, such width, "anyhow two impact formanskih missed" and perhaps every 5 for today’s longer track. Previously, they did not cross the obstacles, and avoided them aside, making sharp turns, changing its direction. "

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