Popov: It is time to discuss the moratorium

So he replied to the question "Freedom" about his personal relationship with this dilemma.
The reason for my question was Speaker appeal rapporteur on Belarus of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Andrea Rigoni, that official Minsk imposed a moratorium on the death penalty. This appeal to the leaders of both houses of the National Assembly even printed "Narodnaya Gazeta" — official newspaper of the Parliament of the Republic of Belarus.
Vadim Popov, by the way, admitted: "Many states do not have to type stuff Rigoni, say, troubled people."
"We released a report Rigoni. Now let’s see how it will respond to the population. Discussion will either not be How to treat people this? And then we think, what to do hereinafter.
Naturally, with the abolition of the death penalty will not start. Maybe at first moratorium? And here we need to continue to work with the population. Well, how else, if the referendum 86% of people voted against Belarus to abolish the death penalty? Imagine deputies apprehend another solution. What kind of human rights, of democracy which can then be read, if we supported Europe and fulfilled her request?
Let us together to prepare public opinion to ensure that the conditions are ripe in order to make such a decision. But there are some crimes that just blow up people. That’s the bad luck. "
In a letter to Andrea Rigoni draws attention to the fact that since 2004 in Belarus no progress towards a moratorium on the death penalty. Moreover, last year Belarus has opposed UN General Assembly resolution on such a moratorium. So makarom Belarus remains the only country in Europe where the death penalty is carried out so far.
Commenting on the findings of the sovereign Rigoni Vadim Popov said:
"Again the same make claims to Belarus. And why not show to the U.S., which has a death penalty? Well in other countries of our planet it exists."
Rhetorical question of the chairman of the House of Representatives Vadim Popov meets human rights Valentin Stefanovich notes:
"In 1-x, with our citizens on this topic particularly none worked. In-2, in most countries in the world most people just stands for the presence of the institute the death penalty. And for this event, I think you can not pay special attention. Since the management of the country should realize that killing a person on behalf of the country is as immoral as murder, which made this man ". Tags: priests, punishment, Rigoni, death

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