Public court applied Stalinism

Since 2005, the BPF office held a public hearing on "Crimes of Stalinism in Belarus." Based on the evidence hearings, as documents of municipal and private archives, testimonies of victims and public trial indicted. Historian Igor Kuznetsov
"We are witnessing a historic event. 20 years after they were discovered Kurapaty as in Belarus began to read the truth about the persecution, like the first time 20 years ago, October 30 was a procession to Kurapaty all want one thing, and in particular the repressed people , that is the moment when even the public about ‘yavila indictment regime that did all these crimes in our area. " Members of the court were 12 persons —, Yakov Basin, Anatoly whitewashed, Anatoly Volohonovich, Marat Gorevoy, Igor Kuznetsov, Leonid Mariners, Vladimir Romanovsky, Siuchyk, Zinaida Tarasevich, Sergei Hanzhenkov Vladimir Khalip and. Jora Shtyhov

Igor Kuznetsov during the meeting: "In principle, this information to convey to the general public."
"We did not wait for the Municipal Court. We did not wait for when the government will accept at least a small role in the perpetuation of the memory of their own people. And because this historic day, we gather to make the first decisive step — to announce our decision that we have learned through their the heart, the soul, which is not yet final. Maybe then will have some public or municipal courts. And we will not allow revival of Stalinism on the terrain of Belarus. "
The text of the indictment read the first president of the Belarusian Association of Victims of Political Repression, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Dr. Jora Shtyhov. It states:

During the court session
The indictment Public Court also notes that without a fair trial descendants over municipal offenders becoming unrealistic legal country:
"Guilty of genocide do not expire. Bolshevism as a social category is not required to have a chance of recovery. A country that is unable to openly condemn the errors of its own recent past is doomed to repeat them in the future."

Siuchyk: "The authorities have put in Trostenets monument — Minsk dump."
"This support for future people of Belarus and Nazism and Bolshevism should NOT be back on our land. Indeed break atrocities of communism and Nazism in our land is not necessary. This is just a great historical mistake. And when we talk about Nazism, it is already condemned ideology. Communism still ahead. Here are the questions and delivered now. "

Members of a civilian court urged to note once again on October 29 as a day of memory of victims of Stalin’s repressions. On this occasion, will be visited memorial in Kurapaty Forest and the establishment there of the sixth memorial sign. Also, people will light a candle of memory and bring flowers to the graves of the victims. Tags: victims, history, memory

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