Relay hunger strike: new members

Own action they attain liberation Alexander Kozulin and stop repressions against other prisoners. Mogilev region relay hunger strike only support in Bobruisk.
In Bobruisk already participated in the hunger strike three persons: Taisa Kabanchuk Alexandra Syanova Ira Mitsuru. Currently starving fourth — Nicholas Avsyannik. Tomorrow relay hunger strike intercept family Dayneko Lena and Alexander. Alexander Syanova 6 days hunger strike, others 5.
Do the inhabitants of a hunger strike Bobruisk?
"In Bobruisk masmedyya such disk imaging was not, but, you know, a lot of like-minded people, our families, our friends later, to which we go on some business, at work, all the people who are around, we encounter obviously they know, as you have to explain to everyone why we are starving. huge number of people are aware that this event takes place in Bobruisk, "- said" Radio Liberty "party activist, golodovschitsa Taisa Kabanchuk.
According Kabanchuk, preparation for fasting and leaving it takes about the same time as the self starvation.
Taisa Kabanchuk outraged statements that starving people Tipo not really:
"This can be read only by people who are not able to act. Now we have no choice, as the hunger strike. Indeed, as we addressed in any city executive committee, to inform the public that sits Kozulin and requesting his release, they give us no application within 3 years have not arranged for holding a picket or shares. "
In response to the question "Liberty" on the principles of the hunger strike, her plans for the company and is responsible for one of the protesters, the politician Sergei Skrabets:
"The principle of the hunger strike — to express their solidarity with political prisoners contained behind bars in the morning. Already fifty people joined the relay hunger strike — they are either starving or currently do. Longer hunger strike my brother Alexander — 21 day. I believe that Oleg Alkaev with their offspring survive longer. "
Sergei Skrabets also clarified that segodnyaschy relay hunger strike will last until April 26.
Relay hunger strike for Alyaksandr Kozulin and stop the harassment of the opposition began a month back. It initiated Kozulin’s daughter Olga. In the relay hunger strike participated defender Lyudmila Hraznova, businessman Autukhovich, journalist Vitaly Garbuzov, public activist Tatyana Vanina and many others. Tags: Kozulin, Skrabets hunger strike Babruysk, BSDP (Community)

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