Russian language enemies of the people has been reduced to the status of foreign

* "Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1928 under the title "The soldiers in the battle for kulturnasts" notes: "Cultural flood carries along with of net, freshest gnille water and debris. If applied vaenkaram poured into the barrel of the rifle sand when climb to each other in the chest, when the Red Army ranks thriving mat. This — gnille, gryazyuka garbage from which you want to clear decisively and energetically. "
Commissar of Education V.Pivavarav BSSR in 1938 wrote in the pages of "Stars", "Enemies of the People did everything likely to prevent the accession of our kids Russian Socialist Belarus to the majestic Russian speech, the Russian culture … Russian language enemies of the people has been reduced to the status of a foreign (German) language. So, for example, the curriculum of schools on the 1935-36 academic year in the Belarusian city high school to study Russian language allotted 520 hours, and the German language — 640 hours. "
"Narodnaya Volya"Year 1998. Newspaper informs:" In 100 respondents chosen in each administrative district of the capital Belarusian sociologists to conduct research on the vital topic: how do you feel about the Metropolitan Police? Poor attitude to the activities of law enforcement officers as much as 46.9 percent of respondents … Only 38.1 percent of the 900 respondents commended the Minsk Police … As before, not satisfied with police brutality minchane (49.5 per cent), physical abuse (29.9 percent), unwillingness to explain the procedure for subsequent actions of people. "

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