S.Trifonov: I do not think it necessary to conceal their convictions

This is the eighth member of excursions executed on 23 March to the places associated with BNR Paluty Bodunova.
On last week Khoroshko referee punished with large fines and arrests seven other tourists. They passed through the town with white and reddish balls. In Novobelitse, on the spot where the house stood Semivolume Bodunova, they laid flowers and balloons launched into the air.
Authorities saw this as a violation of the order of organization of mass events.
Says Sergey Trifonov:
"This is the height of cynicism and immorality top State, top immorality of our courts and the police."
Dr. Trifonov last week did not have time to punish. He was on a business trip. Returned hoarse. And going to the hospital, in the entrance, he was detained a policeman and a man in civilian clothes. And immediately — in the cell where Trifonov spent the night of the Passover and Easter itself. As he said in court, over his beloved prazdnichkom.
Doctor guilty Trifonov did not plead. In court, he explained that the tour does not require permission. As well as laying flowers. Otherwise, according to Trifonov, and the groom with his wife must ask permission for the wedding procession and lay flowers at the monuments.
Gomel activists who know Sergei Trifonov, surprised that the referee Khoroshko based on contradictory police reports enrolled him in lawbreakers. On the principle that a member of the opposition party — which means the offender.
Knows UCP activist Catherine Gorovaya:
"Sergei Trifonov — each BPF. He — a sincere, dedicated, has a conscience, their beliefs. But he’s a doctor, he was representative of the most humane profession, he would never agree to any wrongful acts. And the fact that such opposition representatives put behind bars — it’s disrespectful to all of us as citizens. This — disrespect for own country, its history, the historical heritage. It’s a sin. "
Sergei Trifonov July 30th birthday. In Gomel, he came to work in the infirmary at rassredotachivaniyu — after Grodno honey Institute.
Very stung medic belarushchyny pressure.
Two years reversed in the hand printing press of the opposition before the presidential election, he was punished with arrest for 15 days. Referee Central district Domnenkov punished him then it is very likely arrest, because he insisted that the trial was conducted in Belarusian.
Whereupon was discharged from the clinic about 6 months and could not get anywhere else, they have had a higher medical education, and some practical experience:
"I build my life so did not solve it so it goes out. If beliefs are, I do not think it necessary to their havats.U Belarus Belarusian humiliated destroyed. And I can not agree with it. Government we have anti-Belarusian. And she remember any samples its history, read any samples on whiteRussian language aggressively seeks to suppress. She struggles with its people, that those remains, the roots remaining, did not germinate and gave no fruit. Nowhere in the world itself is no more ", — says Sergey Trifonov.

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