Social service agencies of the Kemerovo region have new cars

24 cars "Gazelle" are collected at the Novgorod automobile factory.
Of these ten cars are designed for mobile field teams, ten more will work in the status of a "Social taxi" and four to institutions of social services for families and children.

Mobile mobile teams — it's "office on wheels", which is equipped with modern computer technology, communications, air conditioning and a gasoline generator for autonomous electricity supply, which will organize the work, even in the open field. Thanks to mobile services, people living in remote villages and towns will be able to draw up the documents for benefits, pensions, and benefits the community.

Now execute the necessary documents will be easier and people living in remote villages Belovskii, Guriev, Izhmorskaya, Leninsk-Kuznetsk, Novokuznetsk, Promishlennaya, Topkinsky, Chebulinskogo, yurginskogo and Yashkinsky areas. As the head of the Department of Social Welfare N.G.Kruglyakova (Natalya), today mobile teams working in rural areas and twenty-seven major industrial cities.

Since 2009, the Kuzbass up and running the service "social taxi." The first organized this work in the cities Belovo, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk and Prokopyevsk. "Social taxi", equipped with a special lifting device for wheelchair users, low mobile allow people to easily get to the socially important facilities. Currently, the "social taxi" is in place in 19 municipalities of the region. Today, their fleet of vehicles filled up another 10 new machines, which means that 37 vans with a special lifting device will improve the quality of life for low mobile citizens in 24 territories of the region.
Buses to institutions of social services for families and children, will significantly enhance the ability of the centers for the organization of social rehabilitation of children in difficult situations, will organize Excursions, kids rides to attractions and historic sites of Kuzbass.

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