Suspects cacti

The club is headed by a member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Vladimir Shitikov.
Sovereign states Shitikov:
"The deputy director of the city center of culture Dmitry Tver said team director Tikhonov we will not give any more space, because there is no center of Tipo cacti no utility. May 30 years we were needed, we have an honorable title "People’s Club". Notable exhibitions were. People do was to their liking. Who funds the culture is not enough. New Director-General considers that cacti unnecessary Belarusian citizen. "
Club "Lafafora" was created in 1973. About 10 years amateurs kaktusavody conducted their classes at the Institute of Transport.
The last quarter century, they were going to double this month for two hours in the palace of culture of builders — now it is the urban center of culture.
Members of the club during its existence were higher weave people. In collected their collections — sukulentav 700 species, only a few thousand plants.
Club "Lafafora" was the winner of the All-Union Festival of Folk Art, was awarded the title of "People’s amateur team."
Every year, fans of the club carried out in town 5-7 exhibitions uchavstvujut in celebration kaktusavodav in Ukraine, Russia, Poland.

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