That you have ruined a man’s life!

In Minsk district tribunal came youth activists, most of whom joined the democratic movement after March 2006. Dmitry Liseenko was on the dock not one, but a citizen who does not know his associates — Camo Dadalyanam.
Despite the fact that Dmitry was being held August 9 2007, associates only recently learned about the criminal case. At the trial it became clear that the charges became only eyewitness, whereby Dmitry Tipo had psychotropic drugs and counterfeit bills euro. Themselves not physical evidence investigators have found.
Dmitry in his own final statement said that he was subjected to psychological and physical pressure. Stated that the investigators threatened to make the executions of his mother.
Dmitry Liseenko served in the brigade of special forces in Marina Gorka. In 2006, when they were presidential election and actions on October Square, became a member of the Social Democratic Party "Hulk", which was a favorite of Alexander Kozulin. A couple of times participated in street protests.
Olga told Kobyshava "Freedom":
"I am personally acquainted with Dmitry two promotions. I remember how he behaved there. He was there alone worthy, maybe fifteen of us. Generally, it was confused with the KGB men there and all that … I remember that he did not afraid. "
Dmitry mom could not control her emotions when she heard the sentence — 10 years imprisonment with confiscation of property.
"10 years gave the man! 10! 10! … And nine months in jail was sitting. Did you have ruined a man’s life, he is when he comes, he 40 years will! "
Dmitry colleagues do not believe that he was involved in drug trafficking. They believe that criminal case against former commando began revealing to others.
Says Sergey Pavalkov:
"This is a signal to other commandos who zahochut go to the opposition and to oppose this government."
Dmitry Liseenko will serve his sentence in a maximum security prison. His lawyer will appeal the verdict in Minsk regional court.

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