The Pentagon chief called on China to expand military ties

The Pentagon chief called on China to expand military ties
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called on China to expand its military ties with the United States in order to avoid misunderstanding on the background of the development of Beijing’s own armed forces and improve their own impact in the Asia-Pacific region. It is reported by «Voice of America».

On Tuesday, the head of the Pentagon all day meetings were designed to weaken China’s suspicions regarding the objectives of Washington, which directs its forces in the Pacific.

After talks with Chinese Defense Minister Liang Hanle Panetta told reporters that the expansion of military ties will allow to reduce the risk of misunderstanding and avoid further confrontation.

Panetta arrived in Beijing in the moment: China stuck in a territorial dispute with Japan over control of the islands in the East China Sea, which the Chinese call the Diaoyu, and the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun — the Senkaku.

«With regard to the current tensions, we urge all parties to remain calm and restraint and bezotstupno advise them to maintain open channels of communication to resolve these disputes by diplomatic and peaceful — Panetta said. — The escalation of the situation in the conflict capable of undermining peace and stability in this region is very principled, not in the interests of either side. «

South American and Chinese authorities decide to see the gradual steps to ease mutual suspicions. Panetta announced that the United States welcomes China bring your own ship multilateral naval exercises in the Pacific Ocean in 2014.

Chinese authorities, in turn, invited Panetta visit a naval base in the town of Qingdao in the north of the country during his current visit to China.

The parties also discussed the need to continue cooperation in several areas, including — operations to combat piracy in international waters. South American and Chinese navies have held joint exercises to combat pirates.

Speaking Tuesday in Beijing, Panetta said that he is concerned about the growing number of attacks on the local population of American troops in Afghanistan.

«I do not believe that these attacks indicate that the Taliban is stronger,» — said Panetta.

According to him, the faster it says that the Taliban seeks to strike at international forces and wreak havoc — but it in no way gives him the ability to return under its own control area lost as a result of action internationally Security Assistance Force and the U.S. military.

«Either way, it is a matter of concern» — highlighted the Pentagon chief.

Panetta also announced that General John Allen, commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, decides steps to counteract these attacks and ensure the transfer of responsibility for security to the Afghan side of the backdrop of withdrawal of American troops.

NATO this week announced its intention to reduce the scope of a number of joint operations with Afghan forces. This step is designed to protect the South American and allied forces from further attacks by Afghan police and soldier, with whom they work.
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