The prosecutor asked for the accused from 2 to 2.5 years

The prosecutor asked punish sp.Ramashevski Misha Pashkevich, Alexey Bondar and Artem Dubski restriction of freedom for 2 years (so called "chemistry"); Andrei Kim — 2 years imprisonment to be served in the colony; Tatiana Tsishkevich, Chernyshev Ales, Ales Streltsov, Vladimir Sergeyev, Misha Krivova and Anton Koipish punished by restriction of freedom for 2.5 years without sending them to penitentiary.
Lawyer Andrew Kim Tamara Fedorenko in his speech said that the criminal case and the Tribunal has previously chains adrezhysavanaga scenario. She directed attention to the fact that the investigators on the form where there was a list of the accused, were the rooms — but underneath there was no names.
Accused Misha Kryvau remembered the speech of the Minister Vladimir Naumov on Belarusian television that brought about 50 criminal cases for action on January 10.
Lawyer Andrew Kim led some evidence that her client has an indisputable alibi, even on the basis of police reports and testimony of policemen.
Misha Pashkevich in his speech touched upon the performance of the state prosecutor, when he was ordained a third of the time the web survey, as there was about a criminal case and the tribunal.
One of the accused Ales Streltsov so performance prosecutor commented:
"Now the prosecutor for completely peaceful action where there was no 1st strike a police officer, nor from certain people, nor from any uncertain — in other words, not a single complaint that someone has beaten anyone, entirely peaceful protest — invited us to all the 23 years of imprisonment, restriction of freedom, chemistry here … What comment. "
None of the accused did not plead guilty, all in their own speeches referred to the norms of international law, the Constitution, which guarantees citizens freedom of peaceful assembly and demonstration.
Referee Lena Ilina told the audience that will read its decision no earlier than tomorrow the 11th in the morning. Tags: day, year, freedom, musketeers, the process, a 14-deprivation, 4th, 23

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