U.S. has not yet made a decision to close the Belarusian Embassy

It came out in a matter of Minutka until the South American diplomats on Thursday had to say about this step, Belarus, officials said United States.
On this step, approved by Deputy Secretary of State John Negraponte, the State Department planned to say in Washington and Belarus and Minsk. But bureaucrats uttered that at the last moment they got to do this annotation. Configuration in terms occurred during a meeting between South American and Belarusian diplomats, bureaucrats uttered.
Instead of this, as said State Department spokesman Tom Casey, diplomats warned that such moves are likely. Meanwhile Washington continues to be taught how to respond to the expulsion of Belarus majority of staff of the U.S. Embassy in Minsk.
"We pronounced them that we are going to fulfill the requirement for expulsion, and warned them that there is a certain range of actions that we can do" — said Casey. — "We need to think about whether we can keep after downsizing effective work there."
Specify what measures could be mades, he did not.
But uttered bureaucrats were already prepared requirements whereby Belarus was until May 16 to withdraw its own diplomats from the six positions in Washington and New York. At the same time Belarus was supposed to say that the South American Embassy will be closed on Friday, they uttered.
Closing embassy in Minsk was planned for some time and also achieved a stage where a third country has picked up the role of "state-patroness" to represent the U.S. in Belarus, uttered bureaucrats.
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