UAVs «Era-50» and «Era 100» tested

Factory tests complex unmanned aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) VTOL «Era-50» planned to finish at the end of March this year.
Said this «AviaPort» Chief Designer «New Technologies» Eldar Razroyev. First prototype unmanned tiltrotor «Era-50» made the first flight on February 12 this year. On this day made several test flights scheduled for the end of the end of March. UAV «Era-50» has a launch weight of about 5 kg in weight motivated load up to 500 grams, said the source.
Chief designer explained that the tiltrotor «Era-50» has four electric motors, which are located at the ends of the wings and consoles driven four-blade propellers. All four-rotor rotary performed. Tiltrotor soars vertically like a helicopter, and later the engines on the wings are rotated approximately 90 degrees and the machine flies like an airplane.

The interviewer noted that the greatest difficulty in the implementation of the project — providing flight conversion modes, in other words, the transition from vertical lifting or lowering device in its horizontal position to fly like an airplane. At this point the machine is normally flies in all modes, including the most complex transients. Automatic control mode itself, but in transient regimes he is currently optional run, in other words, and allows intervention in the control system.
After graduating from the industrial tests follow step improvements. It is expected that in the coming months will be finalized and the unit will actually be a «product», said chief designer.
In addition, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) «Era-100» after the step of flight tests and finishing next to enter the market.
«It is expected that the factory tests tiltrotor» Era-100 » run in the second half of this year, and by year-end complex with UAVs «Era-100» become a «product» and will be offered on drone aviation market «- said the chief designer.
He explained that UAVs «Era-100» belongs to the category konvertoplanov. UAV has four electric motors located at the ends of the wings consoles. Rotary engines, allowing konvertoplanov create vertical takeoff and landing and flown in a horizontal plane relative to the ground «in an aircraft.»

Company «New Technologies» fulfilled all the desired three-dimensional computer models of parts. Further information about the configuration of the items were loaded into the 3D-printer, which made part of the future UAV. As the base material for the casing and the wings was elected cheap but at the same time sturdy ABS plastic.
UAV «Era-100» has a takeoff weight of about 20 kg in weight motivated load of approximately 2.5 kg. The highest rate of «Era-100» estimated at 230 km / h The long duration and range at cruising speed reached 150 km / h Conventional range and flight duration equal 120 kilometers and one hour, respectively.

As part of conducting promising developments MoD conducted the first nationwide competition research, the results of which were announced April 17, 2013. The competition involved 800 works, of which 40 were selected best. According to the results of the contest in the first 10 of the best works entered the project «unmanned tiltrotor» development of «New Technologies». The Russian Defense Ministry on the results of «innovation day» rewarded the company «New Technologies» honorable diploma for the development of drone-tiltrotor.

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