Uruguay received a dozen fire engines Ural

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uruguay gave 12 Russian fire trucks "Ural". In the future, the government plans to buy the same car to work in the north of the country.

As the number of transferred cars included nine fire tankers on chassis "Ural", one lift, a car breakdown and the container with tires for cars. At a solemn ceremony of transfer of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Uruguay Jorge Vazquez. He praised the Russian-Uruguayan cooperation in this field, and also noted the quality and reliability of Russian products.

In the two months prior to the transfer of technology in Uruguay for the local fire service professionals had special training courses. The country is also interested in multi-terrain armored cars "Tiger." 

Russia and Uruguay signed an intergovernmental agreement on military-technical cooperation. Previously, foreign army has purchased Russian "Ural", SUVs, cars to transport personnel and towing artillery, vehicle, fuel trucks, tank trucks, dump trucks, tractor-trailers and other special equipment.

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