Web Belarus to put the legislative framework

This was during the opening of the special exhibition in Minsk, "Mass Media in Belarus" and the minister had read disk imaging Vladimir Rusakievich, municipal leaders and news agencies.
As Minister Vladimir Rusakievich disk imaging, the ministry is working on the improvement of the law "On the press and other media." Prior to this agency is going to streamline the Belarusian sector of the web. Latest version of the law has to legally regulate the activity of online media. Be determined whether the independent media online version publications.
As noted Rusakievich, it’s time to figure out how much public Internet resources in Belarus. "I wish that the online version of the publication is a media disk imaging — admitted Rusakievich. — At the moment, the web acts as a technical means of communication than that."
Bureaucrat said that we are not talking about regulating online media in Belarus, but simply sought approaches "promote the development of such media." Deputy Minister of disk imaging Lilia Ananich states that the Belarusian experience of forming a unified information policy interested even in foreign countries:
"Right now forms the Republic of Belarus its national information policy from the perspective of humanity and from the perspective of building a strong and prosperous Belarus. This causes a real enthusiasm for our zabugornyh colleagues, and, according to their estimates, now Belarus shows an example of the world in all spheres of society, including and how being in the country municipal information policy. "
General Director of the Belarusian Telegraph Agency Dmitry Zhuk sees the need to audit your online sphere is at the moment, without waiting to appear normative document, which will be handled by a virtual space. He called for the establishment of the Association responsible online publishers, members which must 2-stick criterion necessarily comply with Article 5 of the Law "On Press", which refers to the abuse of the freedom of non-disk imaging, print and complete data about yourself. By Beetle, the consumer should know who is responsible for the information that is distributed over the Web.
With regard to article 5, then, according to experts, it is possible to artificially under sum and later punish virtually any independent online resource. In this article, namely, according to the inadmissibility of the use of the media for disclosure of information constituting municipal secret calls to seize power, forcibly change the constitutional order, etc. Specifically, such motives last year found a Belarusian Themis article politician Andrei Klimov. For publishing on the Web Klimov was sentenced to 2 years in jail.
Situation with the intention of establishing a sector of the Belarusian full control of the web commented deputy chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrei Bastunets:
"It is obvious that these rules are adopted. Question is quite long, and that it soon became more intense — an indication that soon some acts that regulate the activity of the Internet space, appear. It is clear also that these acts are unlikely to create a more suitable environment for the online space. As we usually happens all regulations are focused first on the restriction of freedom of expression, restrictions on freedom of information. And this is the practice of forcing quite a big wary of this peremptory initiatives. "
Correspondent"In other words, we can expect to predict that the only uncensored until sphere can also be monopolized?"
"Today, the Internet space — it really is the part of the media sector, where the sources are independent disk imaging have a significant advantage over municipal. Well, the government may be, try to change this situation somehow. But I do not think can be read on the Web entirely censored. I keep my gaze, it is faster to create conditions for acupressure for publishers internet information for any web site to put pressure on them again. "
Notably, in Belarusian courts de facto Web has been recognized as mass of information. March 25 hardware Tribunal Minsk ruled on the suit Law Group "Argument" against the UCP. The occasion was the material on the website ucpb.org, one of the founders of the group, the offspring favorite Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus Andrei Kozik, Tipo "personal business interests lobbying in municipal structures." The Tribunal ordered the UCP refute the information on the resource ucpb.org, which does not belong to the party. UCP lawyer Sergei Alfer says that the party is really cooperating with the web site ucpb.org, but the administration of the resource is not willing to print a retraction. It seems that there was no judicial decision has precedent debt forgiveness through the web that hitherto concerned in the main newspapers created. And this is a real step forward for the recognition of the Internet as a media resource. Tags: media, web, Rusakievich

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