Whether Russia will buy drones United 40?

Whether Russia will buy drones United 40?
In recent years, Russian Defense Ministry more than once appealed to zabugornye supplier of arms and military technology to provide one or the other type of products. A couple of times, this led to the signing of large contracts (eg construction of armored vehicles and Iveco LMV project Mistral), while in other cases, all ending with testing samples acquired (Italian Centauro armored vehicles and Freccia). On days of reports about the likely signing another contract to supply the limited edition art zabugornoy military use.

According to RIA Novosti, citing an unnamed source in the defense industry, will soon acquire the Russian military department two UAVs United Block 40 version 5, developed in the United Arab Emirates by ADCOM Systems. Details of the planned use of drones to purchase has not been announced, as well as other features of the contract likely. Moreover, because of the anonymity of the source of announcements right questions is the very fact that the negotiations for the supply UAV Uniter 40.

The next day after an announcement about the possible purchase of another message appeared on the subject. Now own words to an anonymous source quoted by Interfax news agency. According to this source, the Defense Ministry does not plan to get the company from the UAE any military equipment. So Makar, the issue of probable signing of a contract to supply 40 drones United can be considered closed one source denied the information undisclosed to others. Naturally, 2-anonymity of sources leads to some thoughts, but no information about plans for the purchase of UAVs from the United Arab Emirates in comparison with the initial news look more believable.

According to official data of the company-developer, United 40 is a shock UAV capable of for a long time loitering in the area. The creators refer to a class of its development MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance — «The average height and the long duration of the flight»), which allows it to do puzzles of various kinds, from the intelligence of enemy targets to strike guided weapons. Aircraft more than 11 meters in length resettled tandem wing span of 20 m This aerodynamic design, coupled with an unusual S-shaped fuselage allows polutoratonnoy machine (such highest takeoff weight) to climb to an altitude of 7 km and fly with the highest speed up to 220 km / h Owing to the high aerodynamic quality, as stated in marketing materials, United 40 is able to stay aloft for up to 120 hours. UAV resettled hybrid power plant with the main engine power of 115 horsepower and an additional 80-horsepower electric motor, the torque pusher propeller in the rear fuselage. Architecture and mechanisms of the power plant were not disclosed.

Whether Russia will buy drones United 40?

Special equipment of new drone contains a complex navigation equipment, and two gyrostabilised platform. The latter can be used to mount the necessary equipment, television and thermal imaging cameras. Also on the wings United apparatus 40 provides space for the suspension arms. Any one of the holders 4 has a payload of 100 kg. As the main tools offered guided missiles for its elaborate.

Considering this drone, first, it is worth noting that the UAE has never been favorites in the construction of a similar technique. Moreover, the unit United 40 (formerly bore the title SmartEye 2) is the latest development. For the first time this UAV in today’s configuration was shown in February this year at the international exhibition IDEX-2013 in Abu Dhabi. As you know, at that time a new UAV was not even in the air. First flight of the UAV 40 United held only in March this year. Interestingly enough, the events of recent years ADCOM Systems promised that the aircraft, then known title SmartEye 2, rise up in the air even in the first months of 2012. In practice, these terms are moved about a year. Despite the location of the project in the polishing stage and pre-production, the company ADCOM Systems is promoting the latest development in the international market.

The creators of the news website «Periskop.2» also note the general state of affairs of the company-developer United 40. ADCOM Systems Private company was created to compete with the state organization Mubadala, receives funding from the budget. But in recent years, ADCOM Systems and has not signed any of the 1st contract to supply its own equipment that looks, very little surprising. In addition, there are questions about personal finance company, as merchants to invest in one or the other project, hardly will be satisfied by the presence of only a few exhibition samples.

It should also be distracted from economic characteristics of the defense industry and defense industry to find probable preconditions for the emergence of the latest news. First mention UAV United 40 Russian media disk imaging as reminiscent «Periskop.2» appeared only in February this year, in connection with an exhibition of arms and military equipment IDEX-2013. As part of the Russian delegation at the salon attended by several representatives of the Ministry of Defense control, including the Chief of the Army, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin. He’s quite a long time examining drone Uniter 40 and debated with representatives of ADCOM Systems. Commander praised designers from the UAE for their eagerness to develop their technology and their development compared with the achievements of Russian defense industry. According to him, regardless of the origin of the device — it is made without the help of others, or assembled from imported parts from other countries — it is already there. We also still do not like similar technology shock destination. In our army UAV until used for reconnaissance, communications, electronic warfare, etc. tasks.

Also Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin said existing backlog unmanned Russian sector from leading manufacturers zabugornyh similar technology. But, as he said during the 2013 troops get new unmanned aircraft models «Garnet» and «eagle», developed in accordance with the requirements of the military. Overall, the February statement commander of land forces looked exactly. He praised the employees ADCOM Systems for their zeal and diligence in developing its military technology, but at the same time expressed no desire to equip the Russian army they have developed machines. In this case, the word Chirkina could to some extent be a prerequisite to the emergence of the latest news about the likely contract, but it was necessary to treat them very freely.

So Makar, the project’s current United 40, and specifically the lack of any contracts to supply and the situation is not quite clear-minded going to the current time work, raise doubts about the veracity of disk imaging future procurement Russia even several similar devices. In case of signing such a contract Russian side almost have to take the payment of research and development work. In addition, the fact that the delivery of the UAV from the United Arab Emirates will be good publicity project, for which our homeland, but get nothing. In the end, the lack of UAE lists of favorites allows industry to imagine that, having bought United 40, Russian military and industrialists hardly fail to get any benefit of tactical or technical nature.

The last reason of concern against the version of the likely purchase of United 40 is the fact that at the present time in our country immediately several development organizations develop their art projects similar purpose. So Makar, over the next few years there will be Russian UAV capable of doing the same functions as the machine made in the Emirates. While early Russian and associate properties zabugornoy development, but available data to imagine that Russian drones are at least no worse than the present to purchase United 40 Block 5.
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