Who prevents the House of Representatives to introduce Belarusian card?

Now in Europe celebrate Victory day. In 1945, May 8 was signed the capitulation of Germany in the second World War I. We got a call:
Man: "Stalinist repression in the main carried out before the war. Winning the war Stalin assist America and Britain. Stalin was sitting between Roosevelt and Churchill as a hero, Generalissimo! After the war passed in ’63. And now remember how many people were killed by Stalin’s repressions, including in Kurapaty. Why so late clarification came brains? Hitler came to liberate people from the Russian Stalinist yoke of despotism. A West supported despotic tyrant. So biting reality itself elbows if reach. Thank you. "
Thoughts listener commented historian Oleg Gordienko:
"Nazi occupation killed more people in Belarus than the Stalinist repressions. Researcher Leonid Mariners estimates the number of victims of repression in 700 thousand people. Believed that during the war died every fourth Belarusian (it is with those who Poleg on the fronts.) Two modes were Belarus fatal. Western allies during the war, for sure, choose the lesser evil. Because they began to collaborate with Stalin. And after 1945 they merged and began countering Russian Union. It has been called "cool war".
SMS to our mobile phone number 391-22-24 "Congratulations! Belarus — France 3:1. We are favorites! Nice build our Belarusian hockey fans with white-red-white flags and wearing T-shirts with a picture of Chase at the World Championships in Canada. " May 7 Belarusian team defeated the team of France and reached the quarterfinals of the World Hockey Championship.
May 7 in Moscow accomplished ceremony of inauguration of the new president Dmitry Medvedev.
Man: "Here, Alexander G., train, as fundamentally be real honest man, as did Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin now. This is for you science. "
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Sir, Vilnius "What the imperialist enemies of America and Europe in the House of Representatives do not give Belarus to" map Belarusian, "will be curious to find out."
Listener responds Deputy Managing Commission international affairs and relations with the CIS in the House of Representatives Sergei Kastsyan:
"We can not and do not have the right to do "Belarusian card" so respected status and independence of each of the countries where our countrymen. Any cards — this is a provocation against another country, where minority populations. Neither regular independent states will not accept any card. Management of any country that respects itself will never support such proposals. This is a provocation which carries discord between nationalities living in the same or other the country. "

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