Will the civilization in public toilets?

It is estimated that every dollar invested in this case, can bring a 900% profit. At what income is calculated Belarusian entrepreneurs that are taken for the construction of toilets?
According to UN statistics, almost a third of the population of the planet, or 2.5 billion people have no access to toilets equipped. Once a day, about 800 million people spends at least half an hour on it to find more or less comfortable place to send their own physiological needs. By the way, each month on such searches average person spends 15 hours.
In the factory, and the metropolitan area of Minsk — one restroom

By 2015, according to UN experts, to invest in the construction of toilets need about 40 billion dollars. Such fundavanni can bring more than 300 billion dollars of net profit.
In two millionth Minsk — about 3 x 10-s public toilets. In fact, they are all built in the 1970-1980-ies of the last century. Immediately they can take an average of 20 people. Prior to 2009, city officials promised to renovate another 18 objects.
In the factory, and the metropolitan area of the capital — one restroom. In the largest geographically of the Frunze district — three. Invest in the future development of toilet infrastructure business unit risk.
Managing Enterprise "Service-Genoa", only in Belarus, which is practiced on the equipment of public toilets, Nina mowed from Grodno agrees that theoretically dressing business can bring great profit:
"Itself for itself this business is profitable. But at the moment we are perishing, as the euro has gone up, rent in euro terms is large, and we just do not have time to run for such a suicidal course. Difficulty people will pay wages. Me as the founder does not even have a speech that I received some dividends. For example, we work in Bobruisk at the railway station. There rentals — 288 euros. Not so long ago raised the price to 50 rubles — to 450 rubles per entry. But almost a month "zelisya" these 50 rubles rent. And again we can neither develop nor make repairs nor take more space for lease. "
My call Ms. Casilla caught for writing an application. Coupled with the company’s accountant "Service-Genoa" it was a letter to the manager of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee Vladimir Savchenko to help in the revision of tariffs under the rental toilets, since otherwise, says businesswoman, business simply "bent".
Rent list for toilets on the dollar with the euro

Nina mowed adds that the problem is not only in the lease. To build a modern toilet, you must have high-quality materials for its equipment. And they also have to be imported from the European Union:
"Equipment — Hand dryers, syfony water drain — the euro buy in Poland. Here, for example, presently took WC rental and immediately invested in it 28 syfonav. Returned water supply, which currently consumes the least number of . And then people pamochytstsa 200 grams, and from the tank connects two buckets of water. No savings. But working and dying at once, because it’s very highest rent for this business. do not know what Savchenko help or not, but now write an appeal. "
As the my companion to stay more funds, it would be possible to do much better conditions for the users comfort toilets. For example, at the moment only a 2-public restrooms throughout Belarus has the luxury of warm water — Soligorsk and Mogilev. In other places do not always have even cool.
Such a pattern is characteristic for certain Minsk toilets. Nina Cassius says that could assist Minskers, but very difficult to get through to the appropriate officials.
Failed to find those responsible for the toilets and me. After several attempts to transfer the responsibility for this area of the 1st room to another and left open the question: Is it worth to give half-dead public toilets to private owners, who may be able to arrange them?
Previous managing housing and communal services Mingorispolkom Ivan Antashkevich says that when he worked as a bureaucrat, this question never even ascended.
"Toilet theme — one of the characteristics of the culture and civilization of both the people and the country. And the fact that we have such a situation is obviously not good. But along with that, I think: this is not the first priority is our goal. We can state that that- it can be changed, and in private hands pass them — will be just as many problems as everyone else in the personal hands.
We still have the misfortune that not only these individual toilets in the town, but to the same pay, including even at the railway station. In other countries, there are also free. Mark Canada — where public toilets are free. They may be in the hands of the individual, but there is a grant from the country. Because they are municipal or private — has no particular significance, if the country is carried out regular policy, financial market first. And if so, as we do, even if they are private toilets, it is not sure that they will do any good and it will be fine. In addition, more and more expensive that they will be as before is not enough. Because I do not think that is what you need to be engaged again. "Tags: public toilets

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