Writers sing shop Fish Marx Street

"They advised us to close and make repairs in the shop. Shop remains, we are forbidden to change the specialization. Forces us to change the stained glass windows. Much discussion, and buyers come to us and ask."
Karl Marx on the street do not work other small shops. For example, the "Products" or former "sausages". Sign on the door — "Repair." But open expensive boutiques and jewelry salty.
All this is happening far away from the shop "Fish", a monument of architecture and design Russian times, which decorate murals with images of fish. The appeal of culture argue that as a result of reconstruction of the ground floors of buildings on the street of Marx, it is converted into a commercial tourist zone. Litterateur Lelik Ushkin

"If the center is just expensive boutiques and shops, it is very disturb form of communication between people. And virtually center becomes just for rich people. And what holds Lukashenko in Minsk — is urbanized revolution that violates democratic style, ethical conduct . "
Lyolik Ushkin concerned about the fate of the shop "Fish":

Creators statement calling writers, painters dedicate fish store or representatives of the world of art. And later want to publish a collection, which will store the argument in defense of "Fish".
Under appeal signed poet Dmitry Plan, composer Max Vilvetav, poet and painter Dmitry cherries, poet and composer Yarylo Wheat also Lyolik Ushkin. Dmitry Vishnev
said: "Shop" Fish "design is very exciting, unique paintings, and I’m interested in the fate of the design. What will happen to him? Russian eatery in a decent spirit of his time. And would not want to, so it’s all gone. VRussian time She untwisted the midst students anarchists. For many, this place is a landmark in the center of Minsk. "Tags: shop, proclamation ul.Marksa, writers

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