Yakovenko: The authorities are not needed public organization

Tsigankov: "It’s reasonable to imagine that it is in Belarus, more affected by the Chernobyl must be strong environmental, "greenish" public mood. But why have not formed such a strong "greenish" movement? "
Yakovenko: "Here is the origin of circumstances. Adpapolyusnae We and society is very weak civilian society. Due to the root causes of this and all other questions. The problem is not only in the absence of a massive movement of Chernobyl — other public organizations are increasingly disappearing.
This misunderstanding those people, are in power, the role of public organizations, the role of civilian society. When do people get some other views are not the same as in control, they immediately recognized the opposition, harmful, etc. . "
Tsigankov:"With the attitude of the authorities, it seems, everything is clear. But in society reigned ecological thinking"?
Yakovenko: "So from the business activity or independent authorities inertnasts most people. Poland, for example, one percent of wages take on razvitse public organizations. We do everything on the contrary, increase the prices of 10 to rent, do almost all of the conditions that these organizations disappeared, because they do not need the current leaders.
Hence inertnasts and even horror. People are afraid that they have somewhere to come to the authorities, and they are not registered, and whatever their look — furthermore, will test different. Now everything is designed in order that there were no civilian activity. That people only silent work, work — and nothing else thoughts today generator power is not needed. "

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