Yanchevskii appointed the main ideologue

This post has been free from 10 January 2008, when the then chief ideologist Oleg Proleskovsky country was transferred to manage information-analytical center of the Lukashenko administration.
Vsevolod Yanchevskii — the youngest in a number of officials who trust forms the municipal ideology in Belarus. Newcomer arrived post just to days of birth young functionary — April 22 he turns 32. Samples to find out how Sovereign Yanchevskii going to build on the ideological line of new place of work, a huge yielded no result. Assigning time for phone calls, sire Yanchevskii more tube did not take off.
In the center of attention of the Head of the ideological presidential administration — the educational sector, the funds mass disk imaging, non-governmental organizations, arts and culture. One of the main functions — the introduction of ideological postulates approved control of the country, and the eradication of ideologically alien germs are bad influence on the style of government.
Chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina does not believe that with the advent of the new man in the president’s administration should expect any major configurations in general policy advocacy:
"I do not think that in general in Belarus person in history, if not the face of Alexander Lukashenko, plays a huge role. Because I do not believe that would be some Vsevolod Yanchevskii revolutionary in the ideological sphere and abruptly turns from what was previously done by the presidential administration. But it is clear also that age, on his own biography Yanchevskii former closer to the eldest son, Victor Alexander Lukashenko. And it could mean an increase in the role specifically so so called young team. I do not think it will be brand new policy. This policy will be ancient, but that is done by others. "
By education Vsevolod Yanchevskii lawyer, graduated from law school BSU. He was an active member of the electoral headquarters Stanislav Shushkevich during elections to the Supreme Soviet HIII convocation. Middle of the 1990s as a result of redistribution of power in the first youth ideological education Lukashenko in power — the Belarusian Patriotic Youth Union — took the chair of the first secretary of the organization. Soon BPYU rocked several loud scandals associated with commercial activities Union, which was prohibited by the charter of the organization. But it does not have any impact on the political career V.Yanchevskogo. In 2000 he was elected member of the House of Representatives Slutsky constituency. In 2001, due to the impossibility of combining 2-chairs released from office of BPYU. At the end of the term of the parliamentary mandate has taken up the post of the head editor of the magazine "Planet", which was printed with the slogan "What secret policy."Tags: Lukashenko, Yanchevskii importantly, ideological, management

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