Yu.Belenky: Flip happened that night …

They stayed the night in the Hall of roundness government, which hosted the parliamentary sessions. Here they were mercilessly beaten. With some participants of those events now talked to our correspondent.
The reason for the protest was the initiative of Alexander Lukashenko to hold a referendum. She was unconstitutional nature: the then legislation forbidding submit to referendum issues that affect national values. And it offers specific — the abolition of whiteRussian language as the only municipality and the abolition of the white-red-white flag and emblem of "race" as a municipal signs.
"Until a day or voting — April 11, all the classic, traditional parliamentary methods have been exhausted us" — says MP Yury Belenky:
"Today, with the position of the evader years, our position has not changed. I see not only how we felt and feel, and the fact that the media are writing, what they say people over the years anti-Belarusian authorities. Well, really, it was the only plausible solution.
If we quietly swallowed it, the world would not have seen that came dictatorship. The world would not have seen that came power, which is capable of any Prohibited acts, including and the introduction of the army and the dispersal of parliament. "
Yury Belenky convinced that dominance count dictatorship in Belarus should be conducted from that night:
"Coup was carried out then. That night. Rather than later, as they say some current opposition, who were in power Lukashenko. They write that the coup took place in November 1996.
No, the revolution occurred when the executive brutal (with troops beating deputies) dispersed and almost killed the supreme legislative authority. "
Valentin Golubev also suffered that night. Now he said, "Freedom", as at the moment looking at the actions:
"At the present day I have been in history and political science. And without that you can not do in my work.
And yet, as one of the founders of the Constitution Republic of Belarus, I perfectly understand that beating deputies in the hall turned roundly constitutional process in Belarus, in general development of the country differently. That this did not work, so the problem with the referendum ventured civilized, within the law, I think. All these years we would have developed slightly differently. "
Sergei Popkov states that it would be hard to remember those actions. But if I had to go through this ordeal again, he would have done the same as in 1995:
"It was the right decision. And now would have done the same thing." Tags: the opposition, the BNF, the hunger strike, MPs, the 12th convocation

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