Z.Paznyaka V.Buyvol and about 20 years the truth about Kurapaty

This year, 20 years to the discovery of Kurapaty, June 3, 1988 in the newspaper "Literature and Art" was written article Poznyak and Eugene Shmygaleva "Kurapaty. Road perdition." Please tell me you remember your recollection of this article, when it became known the truth about executions of thousands of innocent people near Minsk.

Dzyady 2000. First left Valery BuffaloBuffalo: Memoirs were that revealed the full truth about the way of the cross of our people and the disaster of the Russian occupation. Worried then that I experienced my colleagues at the State Art Museum, where I worked. Most of us have witnessed the same half-truths, partial truth, the Khrushchev thaw, and immediately realized that then, in 1988, Zenon Pozniak was delivered complete absolute truth.
Sous: Remember the first visit Kurapaty?
Buffalo: It was at the same time, in the summer of 1988. I went there, I feel sad energy of this place, I remembered the sacrifices of my family — in the days of Stalinism, Russian occupation of 12 people in my family were killed by the invaders. I then took the tragedy of my family as part of the disaster of all our people.
Sous: And you can say, "My Kurapaty"?
Buffalo: Yes, I can. So can say forced to announce every Belarusian, every honest person in whose heart Christ.
SousA few hours back the researcher I contacted Zenon Pozniak Kurapaty, and that’s what we started the conversation:
Sous: It’s almost three weeks last fatakonkurs "Liberty" "My Photos — my Kurapaty", it has sent hundreds of pictures about Kurapaty different years. You seem to be as public editor of this competition crotch summed up the competition?

Pozniak: It’s too early to sum up all but certain thoughts can already say. Amuses me that people truly realized puzzles and send a lot of pictures of archival nature. In addition send creative work, which is also expected — we have such a topic — "special survey".
For me it is important that sent a lot of pictures that I see for the first time — it is very significant. This is a definite contribution to our culture — they have not gone somewhere on his albums, archives, and became known after the publication on the website of "Radio Liberty" for most people. I hope that will remain. Very principle that we are expanding our knowledge base about our culture memoryyum about our history. It is very nice and I would like it to last, so that people sent more such images, which on the one hand, and would give them pleasure — because of their states, describes each person’s nice to feel some kind of party good cause, and with On the other hand — it remains in the annals of our culture. We are all participants in this competition and should be aware that we are doing a good thing overall for Belarus.
Sous: Which photo you personally more offended?
Pozniak: I am very amazed photo, which I never beheld — photo Yuri Belenky, who withdrew the arrest of Vladimir Juho when his lead with a cross on the tribunal. This is such nonsense that if you tell it in words, that people do not believe. A photo shows here — a man with a bloody hand holding a cross surrounded by policemen. In this case the police — they say their images for themselves. And here he is with a cross for the tribunal. This is a very fascinating picture that characterizes the absurdity of this regime. This mode is generally characterized by absurd phenomena, for example, building or eagerness to build perpetuum mobile — in the 90s Titenkov, Lukashenko have found some shyzefrenika, which many in the world, and decided to build a perpetuum mobile — a car that, in principle, impossible to build. Is not this nonsense? Was capable of this regime? Next: Scorina in St. Petersburg, Lev Sapieha, poems Bykov. And now — a man with a cross lead to a tribunal … This is a phenomenon that characterizes the absurdity spetsyfichnasts haze that regime spetsyfichnasts disrespect to the man, his stupidity harakternasts.

Sous: In one of the pictures sent — warped image of God mom Kurapaty Alexei Marochkina. Yesterday in Kurapaty returned the icon painter and we have an opportunity in the coming days are available at photo contest refreshed icons — appears in the own dynamics of events. In the midst of a photo that has already come — a lot of what is not, for example, homemade crosses which were placed so as not to build the ring road. What a memory you have made on the most old pictures?
Pozniak: Here is inseparably personal reminiscence, as I participated in these events, it’s all perfectly clear to me, and when you see these pictures, they are reviving the past tune in the shower. Such images slightly, but they are there, and the memory they leave not only because I know this time, these people, and this has harakternasts photos — more than running out of time, much less photo reveals his inner essence. I once wrote a poem in one line, which I most like: "Time passes, and photo aches …"

I once wrote a poem in one line, which I most like: "Time passes, and photo aches …"

So here, it is time that has already passed and which does not return — he is in the photo, when we look at the actions that really aches. He reveals that, maybe then, 20 years ago, we did not beheld. And these photos suddenly resemble what was exclusively padsvedamastsi. I repeat: this specificity photo. No matter what picture that reflects light, it reflects a moment stopped. No other art, for example a movie, it does not reflect. Cinema restores time goes. So now, I would have wished it again urge our friends — Belarusians, youth, pensioners, that they sent these photos. Older than the photo, the more it has value as a discovery of what is beheld contemporaries. This is very significant. Here is a memory I have from the general picture of old — forced to announce, I love to review old photos, they are almost all open world that we lived and we did not notice.
Sous: Go back to the conversation with Valery buffalo. Three of his shooting — as in the past year reduced cross Anguish, were also sent to the competition. Sovereign Valery what memory you and made a photo sent to the contest? How do you assess them as art?
Buffalo: There are a number of very brightest works — fotakartsin, portraits, fotakrayavidav. These works suggest that people are worried about the topic, she already lives in our society and in people’s hearts. There zafiksavanne side, there is a reflection on the endless — everything is there that should be in the real art.
Sous: Sovereign Valery, you, like many members of the Conservative Christian Party BPF many years take part in Tulloch Kurapaty. Tell me, please, how many crosses were established members of the party for the last 20 years?
Buffalo: No one knows, because it crosses set people — our party members and the people who came to Kurapaty. But also crosses destroyed by vandals. Clear by God only knows. In principle, it is unprincipled. We know that it has been found hundreds of crosses, and it will last forever kryzhavzdvizhanne the holy place in Kurapaty.
Guest Night freedom critic, translator, secretary of the council of the CCP BPF Valery Buffalo. In 1977 he graduated from the Institute of paintings, statues and architecture of the Repin Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg (Department of Theory and History of Art). 10 years worked at the State Art Museum of Belarus researcher, then head of the department. Delves Belarusian and Western
European art.
Since 1989 — on the creative work. Member of the Belarusian Union of Painters.
Paliglet without the help of other learned many foreign languages — Scandinavian, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech Lithuanian, Latvian. Engaged in literary translations into Belarusian.
In 1991 he was on the audience at the Vatican with Pope John Paul II. Married in January had a daughter, Stephanie.

Sous: Sovereign Valery, you probably should bring your daughter to Kurapaty. What do you tell her about this place?
Buffalo: We have been with Stefania Kurapaty — I live close to there, and we are often in kalyasachtsy bring baby. This is not just a walk, we also inspect the area of the People’s Memorial, that fit to learn about possible cases of vandalism. There you can meet people who came there, and we meet, and I tell them the truth about Kurapaty. After all, many people come from different countries — from Finland, Italy, Germany, Poland.
Sous: And what step over these 20 years has been more dramatic for Kurapaty?
Buffalo: Drama permanent, as the dark forces, unfortunately, there are in our country, in our society, who can not stand Kurapaty and want to kill them. There is also a mode vandalistic substantially, which in 2001 — this is the most dramatic moment — a stark, thorough attempt to complete destruction of our Kukrapatskay shrine. And just for a few months Belarusian patriots Kurapaty protected from destruction — stood before a bulldozer to shadow Kurapaty grave. Then, as you know, and many people were injured and arrested, wrongly convicted …
Sous: The number of cases of vandalism was not so small that they are difficult and count, but the vandals were never found. Members of your party are constantly coming and reduced crosses, swastikas removed from Kurapaty memorable characters … How can pause vanadalizm Kurapaty?

June 3 will come many people to recall the discovery of the truth about Kurapaty 20 years ago

Buffalo: Unfortunately, vandalism exists in all societies, even the most civilized. Exclusively in those societies authorities decide certain steps to suspend it. And we have to realize its great experience, with all this shameful practice mode, this finish will not work — there will always be sons Russian KGB men and similar publications that will ruin our shrine. Only after our land lost anti-Belarusian regime will be organized and adequate protection Kurapaty shrines, and society will find out about the importance that it has in our state of spiritual life.
SousIf subsequent gang Kurapaty? If the establishment of the following crosses?
Buffalo: Every Saturday and we’re going to invite people to our Tulloch Kurapaty, they usually start at 11 am — we sort area, if needed — restore order with crosses. Naturally, June 3, a lot of people come to remember the discovery of the truth about Kurapaty 20 years ago.

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