What happens when the Tobolsk-Polymer will be released on the planned capacity

With the launch of Tobolsk-Polymer (Sibur group) Power Russian producers of polypropylene (PP) doubled to 1.36 million tons per year. By the end of the year, Russia will become a net importer to a net exporter of polypropylene, according to a research report ScanPlastMRC.

In accordance with the plan of commissioning of the complex "Tobolsk-Polymer" comprehensive testing began on operating environments warehouse propylene and the first line of polypropylene to give the final product a test mode. Earlier trials have been completed in the working environments of the first line of

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CTZ-Uraltrak ready for production tracked mini-excavators EO-112M

Ltd. "Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant — Uraltrak" completed the production of a pilot batch of 14 tracked mini excavators EO-112M.

Development of a mini-excavator was launched at the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant Transmissions Ltd. "CTP-Uraltrak" in 2006. The first excavator made in May 2008. After a comprehensive test new certified certified center in Chelyabinsk tractor equipment, the plant received a design patent and began preparing for mass production of mini-excavators in the division of engineering technology CTZ. The volume of annual production will be determined by the number of orders received. Prior to the start of series production will

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CTZ increases exports

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant ("CTP-Uraltrak", 80% owned by SPC "Uralvagonzavod") has received large orders for the production of spare parts of Eastern Europe and South-East Asia.

 Photo source:chtz-uraltrac.ru

Until the end, the party sent tractor-parts found in Romania. Balkan dealer bought them for tractors DET-250, operating at coal mines.

In January 2012, two batches of parts for tractors B-10M and B-170 will receive a sales representative CTZ in Poland — the firm "Gama". In addition, the export flow will not be interrupted and South-East Asia. Earlier this year, South Urals sent to Vietnam several containers of component parts.

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Be fundamentally with the chief of our republic

"And they will be the best only when all the same America, together with the European Union will be in a fundamentally against Belarus on the dilemmas Human Rights, freedom of speech, etc. Indeed, it specifically — the most important thing. Naturally, better be more fundamentally in terms of relationships with the "head of the republic."

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Russian language — the agent of choice for nuclear power reactor

Fear of the latest disaster caused by the Chernobyl tragedy. So explained to Deputy Minister Igor disk imaging Laptsenak wary case Belarusians to build nuclear power plant:

Igor LaptsenakIgor Laptsenak offers to get rid of post-Chernobyl syndrome through the discussion of nuclear power safety. Can such a security guarantee? By, Jacob Kenigsberg

Yakov Kenigsberg"Sensors will be installed, which will show the level of radiation, even if the station staff will hide the truth."Deputy Director of the Institute for Nuclear research "Pines" Nicholas said about choosing Pear scientists on the type of reactor. It is water-water reactor of the third generation.

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Yushchenko poisoning suspects own friend

President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko said today at a press conference in Kiev that he suspected of involvement in the poisoning own four David Zhvania, the reverse, own former ally, a personal friend and godfather of the 1st of their own children.Earlier This year Zhvania, Deputy pro-presidential parliamentary faction, stated that Yushchenko was poisoned himself just food, but a political assassination invented his advisers to raise the popularity of the then Yushchenko’s presidential election.In October 2005, the then Attorney General of Ukraine Piskun said that the poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko 2004 dyyaksynami was an attempt to assassinate a politician. Peeper,

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Solzhenitsyn offered huge contradiction

"At time"The Gulag Archipelago" and "One day of Ivan Denisovich" by Alexander Solzhenitsyn made me a bomb just a memory. We have already guessed the terrible repression that reigned in Russian Union, but that they were so ambitious that it was a true hell, which gets nothing as innocent people have learned from the works of Solzhenitsyn. We do not have enough imagination to imagine that the communist power can destroy a person with such ruthlessness metadychnastsyu, consistency. For us, who at that time already had anti-communist beliefs, this was a huge reinforcement.

After the article "Rebuilding Russia Kam"

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Vandals defiled the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk

As said embassy spokesman, Christina Pakonite

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania made a statement. It says that the NIGHT MODE 25 July in Minsk was an act of vandalism against the Lithuanian Embassy in Belarus. Salting the Republic of Lithuania in Belarus Edminas Bagdonas protested and claimed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belarus to know the situation and look guilty. Also claimed by salting Belarusian side to take measures to further compliance was guaranteed, provided that Venskay Convention 1962 and does not violate the immunity of the Lithuanian Embassy. By K.Pakonite, eventually incident mode Embassy’s Consular

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CTZ is testing the upgraded bulldozer B8

On the factory site "Chelyabinsk Tractor" is preparing to test the upgraded model of bulldozer B8 (B-8). In fact, it has already started — a tractor driven around on the premises.

Bulldozer B8 designed to develop soil category I-II, used in construction, irrigation and other sectors prommyshlennosti. Bulldozer B8 can be replaced by a number of works less efficient tractors higher traction classes.

The tractor is adapted to a laser system for leveling the surface and work performance with high accuracy for a given program.

In T8 tractors used tractor with a unified

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Population Register — for gangsters and intelligence agencies?

The register will collect personal data on people from different municipal institutions in almost 26 specifications. From the name, occupation, tax obligations, blood groups, academic degree to intravital agreement or disagreement on the fence of organs and tissues for transplantation. Save this information will be the Ministry Interior. It will be able to get any interested organization. Register will be set up in stages. During the first 3 years it will need 45 billion rubles. Quickly identify the person can be using her special number. Company employee "Agat-systems" Valery Burchalav explained:

Just the information is collected in one place, to

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