20 years ago the first procession to Kurapaty

Rally and march were organized by activists of the youth, as it was known, informal organization "Cleanup". Mentions her favorite Sergey Vitushko:
"I submit applications and Viktor Ivashkevich, but the rally was banned. We were called to the republican prosecutor’s office and warned that we break the law. I ran into a memory phrase, that if you have power, then we will protect both you and your laws. The police were at the rally, but there was no repression, and we paid 50 rubles fine. rally was scheduled at the tram ring greenish Luga, and there were people walking in the woods kurapatsky. It was very long, longish chain people. We then very taken aback, as it could gather so many people. Thousands of people have come. "
Then for the first time people have seen on the streets of Minsk posters of Stalin and the inscriptions "The Executioner", and during the meeting heard about the genocide Belarusian people by the state authorities. Recalls one of the favorites of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yury Belenky:
"It was an explosion in the society. Reads everything: homes, workplaces, transport and so on. And power was a dependent so that she did not know what to do. As for October 30, 1988, Santa, it is obvious after it has been proved by documents that Moscow was ordered not to admit to disperse, to inflict a bloody flogging, and then write off that called on nationalists. "
How important this event was to far and what the impact on the course of modern history of Belarus, then reads the next tolokovets politician Vintsuk Vyachorka:
"Publication Poznyak and Eugene Shmygaleva was a turning pt for a whole new history of Belarus. As for us nationally conscious people who did the Belarusian national organizations, and a few months after those events Belarusian Popular front, we were in the most natural way. But the most important thing, that we were joined by thousands of completely new people who previously may have quietly disagreed with the Russian communist system. "
Since 1988, the funeral procession to Kurapaty and rally in memory of the victims of politically repressed is held every year on Dzyady, October 30. More BSSR Government stated that the tract will be delivered monument innocent tortured during Stalin’s repressions, but this is not made now. But 20 years have become popular Kurapaty memorial, which features more than five hundred crosses.
For the 20th anniversary of the discovery of the truth about the massacre the inhabitants of Belarus in Kurapaty Radio Liberty held fatakonkurs "My Photos — my Kurapaty" and rewarded his favorites in Kurapaty.

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