2018 FIFA World Cup. Five years before the dream

Recently, the site has a project Samara stadium for the 2018 World Cup in football. I decided to find out how things are going with the preparations for this major event. And that's what we have:




In Kaliningrad, which will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the stadium was built on the Island. In the course of geological research experts have assured that the soil in this place is quite solid and allow you to build any kind of structure. It remains unclear why the construction of such a massive object is selected it is this place. According to experts, prior to construction, this area will be backfilled and raised. Need a pan for about 1 million m3 of soil. Why make such a huge effort and spend an incredible amount of money remains in question.

Externally, the arena will resemble a bird's nest. The basis of the project will be taken by the legendary "Allianz Arena" host matches of the 2006 World Cup in Germany.
It is known that the plan to build a modern two-level stadium, equipped with all necessary systems. Location of the stadium is that necessary for the construction of major infrastructure near the stadium is not enough.

Around the main football stadium is expected to create a large recreational area, to conduct bank stabilization, to create a center of rowing sports, bike trails, a park with a summer stage, marinas with berths for boats on the river Pregel, quay walls for pleasure boats and sports facilities — tennis courts and Fields.

General designer stadium "Arena Baltic" has acted Scientific and Production Association "Mostovik". The cost of developing the project and documentation of 849.75 mln. The total cost of the stadium — 10 MHR. rubles.
Area of the stadium — 21, 8 hectares, capacity — 45,000 people. According to the project, next to the stadium will be built two open parking for 7,000 cars. Arena will have a sliding roof, the design of which have been studied arenas located in cities close by climatic conditions of Kaliningrad. This stadium in Düsseldorf, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark. In the four corners of the stadium will be centers of water, ice sports, arts centers and sports games.
For fans of Kaliningrad is associated with the Baltic Sea and Baltic amber. Therefore, the emotional perception of the stadium should be appropriate. Fans will see the transparency and openness of the facades (as sea waves), and with the tinting will achieve unique effects yantaryaK FIFA World Cup 2018, Kaliningrad and the only international airport in the region "Hrabrovo" might connect a railway line. The president of JSC "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin said March 22, 2011, during his visit to Kaliningrad.
According to the president, the company is a preliminary assessment of proposals for the organization of intermodal passenger transport message Kaliningrad — the airport "Hrabrovo" in preparation for the World Cup in 2018. Currently, the route Kaliningrad Hrabrovo (17 km north-east of Kaliningrad) run buses and taxis. At present, preparations for construction.

Saint Petersburg


The "Gazprom Arena". The draft of the new football stadium, provides 3 levels (7 floors). On the first floor are located rationally clearly separated areas — spectator, VIP, sports, administrative, and provides space for the media (2000 seats) and press center. Capacity: 69 501chel. Capacity Petersburg arena even surpass the requirements of FIFA: in addition to the 67 thousand fixed seats provided for the use of two and a half thousand folding chairs. It turns 69.5 thousand seats.

It was assumed that in 2012, the stadium had to take the first leg, but that did not happen. Currently in the process of completion of the stadium.


In Moscow, matches will be held in three arenas.

Football stadium "Luzhniki" in Moscow. Capacity: 89,318 people

To date (2013) stadium — the only object that is ready to take the World Cup. It belongs to the largest stadiums in the world and is the largest in Russia. Since 1998, included in the list of five-star UEFA stadium, and since 2008 the stadium has been granted the status of "elite" stadium by UEFA.
Stadium plays a key role in the upcoming World Cup 2018: here will be the opening match and the final of the championship. For the World Cup stadium will be overhauled: there will be increased capacity, used modern technology, the stadium will be equipped with natural grass.

The conversion of the Olympic complex "Luzhniki" in modern sports and entertainment center will require 65 billion rubles. investment. The project involves the creation of the best in Europe, a sports and entertainment complex that could take the final of the World Cup in 2018 and major world class shows, such as "Eurovision". Today, the annual turnover of the Luzhniki Stadium is 1.5 billion rubles.
As of 2012 the amount of investment in the reconstruction of the Luzhniki Stadium will be up to 500 million euros. Currently rekonstriruetsya stadium.


Football stadium "Spartak" "Open Arena" in Moscow. Capacity: 44,000 people.

Stadium construction is in full swing, roughly surrender in 2014.

It was planned that the game will take the stadium "Dinamo", but now it is not known exactly.

Football stadium in Nizhny Novgorod. Capacity: 44,899 people


In 2013, the stadium design is completed towards the end of 2013 or in 2014, construction will begin. It is assumed that by the completion of the city's appearance will change dramatically. Willingness Stadium — 2017.

Football stadium "Jubilee" in Saransk. Capacity: 45,015 people.

Construction of the stadium began in 2010 Tentative completion of works — 2014-2015.

Football stadium in Kazan. Capacity: 45,105 people


The first stone of the stadium was built in the 2010 opening of the stadium will be held May 9, 2013


The stadium has recently been approved. More information here: http://www.sdelanounas.ru/blogs/32382/

Football stadium "Central" in Yekaterinburg. Capacity: 44,130 human


stadium was renovated in 2006-2012 and is ready to host the matches of the World Cup.

Football stadium in Rostov-on-Don. Capacity: 43,702 people.

According oblminstroya, stadium construction can start in early 2014. Completion of the arena is scheduled for 2016, test events will be held at the stadium in 2017. Earlier it was reported that the estimated cost of the stadium in Rostov-on-Don, according to the governments of the region to be about 10 billion rubles. It will also require 4.5 billion rubles for the provision of engineering services Stadium (this amount taking into account the construction of facilities for existing programs may be at the level of 3 billion rubles).

Football stadium in Volgograd. Capacity: 45,015 people


The plans for the construction of the stadium, little is known. Who is supposed to start construction in 2014, with the surrender of the stadium in 2017 after the World Cup stadium will be the home base of FC "Rotor".

Football stadium in Sochi. Capacity: 47,659 people


Construction of the stadium will be completed in 2013 and it will be used during the Olympic Games in 2014 after the completion of their stadium re-equipped in accordance with the requirements of FIFA.

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