CTZ provided miners North bulldozed

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, a division of the corporation Uralvagonzavod, sent one of the mining companies of the Far North, two bulldozers with electromechanical transmission.


To break hard soils and mining machines operating organization required a high tractive class. From the technique proposed by Chinese and Russian manufacturers, northerners have chosen Chelyabinsk DEET. Their preference, they explain the fact that these units are reliable, unpretentious and include electromechanical transmission, providing the operator automatic traction control at any speed.

Miners are planning to use bulldozers, which have in the arsenal of special attachments, and

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CTZ is going to supply all year round timber transport fire equipment

In January of this year CTZ put to forestry Russia 4 units of fire-fighting equipment as part of the agreement with the Russian Federal Forestry Agency for the shipment of 300 pieces of engineering specialized equipment necessary for completing fire-chemical stations in the region. Two middle-marsh caterpillar bulldozer B-10MB with protection from falling trees shipped to Moscow for the Central forest management are two such machines — in forestry Novgorod. Equipment will be delivered to the buyer road bridges. The total amount of the contract is included and the cost of delivery. Reliable operation of the bulldozers that

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CTZ produced bulldozers airfields Far North

Three bulldozers made the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant for the federal state enterprise "Airports of Chukotka. '

Although the machines have already made, but to the consumer they have shipped in the spring to a Far Eastern port they arrived at the top navigation bar. From there by sea to their razvezut site.

Chelyabinsk B-10M will be served by airports in the Chukchi villages where only the aircraft and can fly. Bulldozers will always work in the harsh edge, especially snowy northern winters.

The customer chose a simple and reliable production model

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Mostovskogo activist questioned in the blast in Minsk

Dmitry Kukhlej July 3 in the morning passing through Minsk, but was there, him, less than an hour. This he explained to the investigators and the KGB. Let me remind you, now a dinner for him at work came KGB, showed the notice for the interview and drove to Shchuchyn. The survey, according to Dmitry Kuhleya did not last long and in the correct manner.Dmitry Kukhlej — acting deputy District Council, working in the enterprise "Mostovdrev" as an interpreter. In This year he intends to run for parliament on the Mostovskoi constituency number 56. Activities of the group Dmitry Kuhleya

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Share business: all ready

The march will take place in Minsk. Entrepreneurs rely, the authorities to pay attention their provisions: 1 January, when it begins to act Decree number 760, without work there about 120 000 people. Recall: Prosecutor’s Office issued a warning Victor Gorbachev about violating the law on mass events. Businessman warned that calls for the role in an unsanctioned rally it be brought to administrative responsibility.Prosecutors also warned Victor Gorbachev of criminal responsibility if he will speak on behalf of an unregistered organization in Belarus "For Free Development of Enterprise." Victor Gorbachev said "Freedom":"Bureaucrats well remember businessmen shares in December 2007

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So read Gaddafi

Perhaps the only more specific Belarusian bibliophiles present in the collection of selected aphorisms Belarusian translation of "Green Book," Muammar Gaddafi — the Analects for all occasions Libyan citizen. This book came out about 20 years back and has become a rarity.Offer only a couple of examples of this creativity aphoristic guest Republic of Belarus:• We are concerned that Obama as a black man suffers from an inferiority complex. And this leads him behave worse than white. It’s just disaster. We urge him to be proud that it is dark, and keep in mind that Africa has always support him.•

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Karadzic called Bosnian butcher

Message about the arrest of Karadzic led the festivities in the streets of the Bosnian capital Sarajevo. One of the main charges against the former head of the Bosnian Serbs — specifically the shelling of Sarajevo, when, during the 43-month siege killed about 10 thousand peaceful inhabitants. Karadzic also blamed for the murder of more than seven and a half thousand Muslim men and boys in the town of Srebrenica.

Serbian authorities substantiated their desire is to cooperate with international court

EU High Representative for foreign policy, Javier Solana says that Karadzic’s arrest proves the readiness of Serbia to cooperate

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Tatyana Kim: I do not want mercy, I, I want justice ‘

July 22 board of the Minsk City Court discerned complaints 10 of 14 inmates of the protesters on 10 January. Let me remind you, it was a rally in Minsk, where entrepreneurs protested against restrictions on the right to hire workers. After the rally, police arrested a number of its participants, they were convicted by the Administrative Code, and 14 public activists were later sentenced to the same as criminal offenders. Among them Andrew Kim, who was sentenced 1.5 years in prison. 7 more of the protesters were sentenced to two years probation, and got 2 huge fines. According to

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Hugo Chavez changes habits

Tomorrow the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez meets with his European officer Alexander Lukashenko. This is the fourth meeting between them over the last 2 years. That read, relations between Belarus and the Bolivarian Republic of developing nadvychy busy. Mention another visit to the former Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Viktor Sheiman in Caracas in February, then in a broken computer in the Colombian anti-terrorists based so called the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have found a letter from which it follows that Shejman could be an intermediary in the sale of missiles, "Earth-air" rebels FARC.


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Nenad Peich: Karadzic — the master of manipulation

Nenad Peich recalls the episode of autumn 1991, when Karadzic, speaking live Sarajevo television, gave an example of how Muslims persecuted the Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Karadzic in the ether gave the title of the street and house number, from which, according to him, Muslims against the will of the Serbian family was evicted.When reporters after applets found that the address, it turned out that the Serbian family that nobody evict. Sarajevo journalists filmed material of that family, but, as the N.Peich, "it was too late — Karadzic reached the own goal."


"This strategy was typical of

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