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Filmmaker Vladimir Kolos continues to collect premiums popular European Documentary Film Forum. After nedavneshnego Russian triumph in Khanty-Mansiysk, his film "Ada Gallery" dedicated to former prisoner of the ghetto, the former village teacher Ada Raychonok, received one of the highest awards at the festival in Berlin — a special prize of the European Parliament. Recall that Ada Raychonok art gallery founded in Hiermanavičy under Sharkovshchina and conduct open-air role and zabugornyh Belarusian painters. Now Vladimir Colas returned from Germany, spoke to him Igor Carney.
Berlin "Europe Prix" — one of the most notable European competitions television and radio programs. Festival founded 20 years ago, at the moment it is under the patronage of the Council of Europe and the European Parliament. This year, for merit in eight categories fought several hundred applicants from 3-10-s states. A movie about Belarusian descent was among the winners.
Vladimir Kolos states that pobkditeli "Ada Gallery" hit the last day of the festival. The four best had to struggle through a sieve of 30 tapes. But later most of his opponents, who fought in the preparatory step for getting to the end, specifically supported the Belarusian film — in the middle of entries "Gallery Ada" was the only tape in which a strikingly distinctive character accurately reflected inhabitants Belarusian heartland:
"Virtually every country has submitted a film, were representatives from almost all over Europe. Way," pushed "we are very many people. There was both Germany and France, and Britain, Denmark and Sweden, and Finland, and Spain and Portugal. In other words, the 30 states that were nominated for the competition itself, but also because many people simply are not selected! But I was the fourth and received one of the main prizes. Our nomination was only two prizes. "
Correspondent"The jury selects the best or the viewer was a vote?"
"No, we do vote. Other words, each voted" against himself "out. Voted by the participants and those who had been invited as a professionals. But you had no right to vote for themselves and for other films of their own country. Was a 10-point and grading system for each category: the embodiment of ideas, directing work, visual tools and shared memories. Any category was estimated from a 10-point system. And the result, in principle, be proud, as both films were remarkable, and very massive budgets, and famous studios like BBC BBC. Here at this level it was. And what finally gave me the award — this, of course, super. "
In the movie "Ada Gallery" Belarusian village life shown by the fate of 70-year-old Ada Raychonok — Former bullpen Vitebsk ghetto, a former teacher, mother who lost a young son, delicious local historian, ethnographer Misha Raychonok. Mrs. Ada cares a great economy, and in the intervals between uvihannem piglets and cattle milking speaks by phone with painters and writers — call them the next plein air in Hiermanavičy.
The inhabitants of the village, as well as Hell Raychonok — movie protagonists. Ordinary people with complicated destinies through ecstatic lady, "touched" to the highest — to art. And not surprisingly: not every village elect bridgehead famous painters and graphic: Alex and Igor Marochkin, Eugene Shatohin, Jora Skripnichenko, Janka R. Alexander Faley and others. Many villagers after getting samples of artistic images.
Background on rural realities and then imposed Alexander Lukashenko, Whose voice relay radio receiving in homes and on the streets of amplifiers. But his statements about rapid approach of the village to the town refute concrete realities: life in the village as before far from civilization.
Virtually everyone who saw the tape, converge in outlook: the movie came out very topical, and half the 10-ka plein organized Ada Raychonok, became an occasion for profound reflection on the fate of the modern village and face in today’s Belarus. Therefore

Vladimir Kolos convinced that such enthusiasts as its heroine, earned the right to, that of the whole world knew them

Vladimir Kolos convinced that such enthusiasts as its heroine, earned the right, so they knew about the world.
In September Ribbon "Gallery Ada" has already won in the category of "national character" during the TV festival "Golden Tambourine" in Russian Khanty-Mansiysk. Another success came to the filmmakers in Berlin. But festival marathon is gaining momentum. In November, the tape will be displayed immediately on the 2-international film festivals in France and the Netherlands. In La Rochelle "Gallery Ada" has hit the top-10 with five hundred movies that were nominated for the competition. In Amsterdam, the tape will be shown as part of the panorama 30 films from around the world, who will vote for the audience. By the way, the Amsterdam documentary festival is considered to be the most "best", because at least some of the very fact of the director’s role in it respectable.
"Ada Gallery" — the result of joint work with Vladimir Kolos channel "Belsat" and Polish studio "Everest", which manages recognized ryzhyser Miroslaw Dembinski. Enthusiasm to the tape already expressed the company more than 10 European countries.

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