Anastasia Azarko: Bykov enemies — ordinary people

Vasil Bykov in his works — works about the war — showed the lives of ordinary people. He demonstrated their horror, they demonstrated nezrazumelasts order afterblow our land. He demonstrated that people do not know what to expect from invaders.
People who lived then wondered what their enemy — is not a person, it is a monster that, for sure, then renders their thoughts: here they lived peacefully, that they worked, and organized his life, and here suddenly someone wants to take it all, someone wants to change everything all.
And now, faced with the Germans, Vasil Bykov indicates that it is also ordinary people. Soldiers who came conquerors had the same hands and feet had such a form as our people, and did not need to be afraid. Horror — it nadvarot horror assigns more power to our adversary. And if we accept them as ordinary people as our neighbors — we will have a better chance to beat them, because we know their helplessness, we know that in fact it is not the monster that you can kill them too.
For the first time acquainted with the works of the writer in school, we learn to accept the world as it was in effect. We learn to take our opponents for what we have. We are trained on the works of the writer of this massive respect for life is not only his, and our opponents. Since only perceiving them as men — we will win.

Read Bykov. Throughout June, every day, on the waves of Liberty will sound Bykovskaya lines. They will read a variety of people — and close friends of the writer.

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