As in Minsk preparing for the visit of Hugo Chavez

In connection with the visit of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Minsk will be taken additional security measures.

— Simon Bolivar
one of the favorites of the War of the Spanish colonies in South America. Hugo Chavez — a big fan of his. Hugo Chavez, visited Minsk has twice the last time in the summer of 2007. Alexander Lukashenko
paid an official visit to Caracas in December 2007.

Hugo Chavez changes habits
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was born July 28, 1954. He comes from Indiana, began his career as a military paratrooper, first the 1990s ran an unsuccessful coup attempt, for which two years spent in the slammer.

After the amnesty, the presidential election in 1998, Chavez has acquired 56 percent of the vote of support. In 2002, the unprotected group Venezuelans are not satisfied with the established rule, rejected Chavez from power. But later, Chavez managed to return to the presidential palace. Chavez holds openly anti-American policy. In the West, it is perceived as a populist and Teran. In 2006 in December, Chavez defeated in the next presidential elections: according to official figures, he received 61% of the vote, his opponent Manuel Rodriguez — 38%. Tags:, Lukashenko

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