BAJ encourages silent hour

"We want to invite all those who care about the problem of access to info and its dissemination, June 25 located on its own internet resources dark banners — as a sign buried in the roundness of the hall of freedom of speech. Also do not update their websites, do not blog entries in Over 1 hour — from 12.00 to 13.00 on June 25, "- said in a BAJ appeal.
June 24 House of Representatives State took the 2nd reading "On media information "," in which, incidentally, made sample restrict freedom of speech in the Belarusian Internet space. "
"So makarom we express protest against critical adoption of the law "On Mass Media" without public hearings and international expertise, "- explained in the statement of the Belarusian Association of Journalists.
"So we meet representatives makarom authorities they expressed the view that the new law applies only to journalists and anyone else. So makarom we give users the BYnet understand that the threat of closure of numerous news sources, sources-independent disk imaging on the web at the moment like never real. "
Codes dark banners can be obtained here (

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