Belarusians — internationally powerless

Previously, for 3 years there were manyNumerical written appeal to the higher bureaucracy of the Central Military hospital, ministries, military prosecutors General yes. In response, one — "in satisfaction of the requirements of refuse." "Correspondence ended formal replies!" — Counts Zinaida S..
Now Ms. Grohotova not drawn, and asks:
"I demand the purpose of military pensions and benefits, compensation for moral costs my only son — for the physical suffering, the spiritual breakdown. Before offspring was opened a bright path in the work and personal life. Yet turned into broken dreams — we live in an area of 20 meters . My scion of the army was walking on crutches, pricked "bitselin-5." Gave all that she had to put on his feet. And also achieved remission status. But it is still called … "
42-year-old monarch Grohotova well remember that time in Minsk musical circles as a professional arranger and music. Defeat at an unknown virus was two years before the army. Then diagnosed "paliatryt, conjunctivitis." But, as you have heard, the disease was stopped. Recoverable came to him, worthy, by the way, only to non-combatant service, two months before the dismissal. Vladimir is responsible for:
"I was in the orchestra. According Kolas and currently there exists a control of the 2nd Army defense — military town. Threw me there for construction

The Army made me disabled …

homes for senior commanders. I stood knee-deep in the days of clay with water in the basement. And from the temperature drop me paralyzed. Major Balakhnin, my specific commander, said that disobedience — tribunal court, the disciplinary battalion. Because Major Balakhnina army made me disabled. My diagnosis — ankylosing spondylitis. With age, I have slipped the spine. Growth was 188 cm, presently less than 12 cm in fact does not bend. Often, 3-4 a day or can not get out of the apartment, to rely on his feet. Feral pain! Had to undergo chemotherapy. Zakachvayuts navakainam, so that the joint is not fossilized … "
Currently Vladimir roar — invalid second group. With all this military (!) Doctors recognized that the deterioration was "obtained during military service." But military pension is not given, because of the not recognize that construction of the general’s house, he worked on the orders.
"I have to give it to me! — Says Vladimir. — I was discharged, means pleaded guilty — I lay for two months in a clinic. Orchestra Artist Pension 180 thousand — 30 thousand below the poverty line. Behind it you can really go into business shop, so purchase the rope with soap … "
Managing unregistered Human Rights Center "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski states that the document is sufficient for filing a lawsuit in Strasbourg.

Ales Bialiatski"It is precisely from the papers that the disease was serving in the army, having a disease that gave such negative consequences. Government could be held responsible if the Strasbourg Tribunal found that in this situation it does not obligations to the citizen. But Belarus is not is a member of the Council of Europe. This, certainly, "reward" Lukashenka, after constitutional revolution of 1996 and was deprived of Belarus’ special guest status in the Council of Europe, and, accordingly, our citizens have no rights internationally. And suffer, first Belarusian citizens, namely, Vladimir rumble … "
Vladimir and his mother, incidentally, is also visually impaired, do not think to stop. While the Russian courts will have filed lawsuits to the Defense Ministry.
"Yes, because the army made me disabled and comes from liabilities and penalties. They did not even give me a military pension, so that I can somehow contain myself. On healing, in general, is not enough. Naturally, I will submit!"

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