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On the Internet a document walks, born in inflammation of the brain proliberalnyh the media. Even without the document, and the mention of it with some excerpts. So, December 23, 2002, Mr. and Mrs. M. Glinkin O. Tropkina the pages of "independent" newspaper "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" showed to the world a sensation — a draft manifesto of the political party "United Russia". Now this "document" with varying frequency pops up on the pages of online publications of all kinds of opposition from poshiba Baranova and G. Kasparov, the self-appointed opposition to — Learn the active users and Twitter. Even Boris Nemtsov himself Learn perekopipastil :) The most interesting thing in this situation is that all of the "users" presented this manifesto as a pre-election program of the party "United Russia" in the elections to the State Duma in 2003, and some are even beginning to demand that the EP report on the implementation of the manifesto positions!
First of all I would like to mention the professionalism and Glinkina Tropkina that, without specifying any source of information, not being present in person at the meeting (which was held behind closed doors) nevertheless managed to get information about the project manifest and bring in his article excerpts from the text. And the more they deserve respect informants browsers in the "United Russia", which first enter the central political council of the party, and secondly very quickly (during the day) were able to present a copy of the document to the editor of publishing house. And the only "NG"! Because no further media information that is not distributed (but on the same day on the site of the party "Yabloko" appeared press review with reference to the article and Glinkina Tropkina —…021223_obzor_press.html) . A prohibitive processing speed information received personally I have is just dumb admiration!
The truth here is the text of "manifesto" I have some questions. First, a manifesto — a document designed to inform the public about the emergence of new social relations, events, organizations, or a radical change in the existing ones. That is, it is an ideological manifesto document, not a plan to build highways through the Yellow Sea. Second, if you still consider the planning, that here too there nestykovochki — in the document it is for 15 years, until 2017. But that's if you count from 2002, and the elections in 2003 were, therefore, in the text should be up to 2018. Third, why the central political council of the party "United Russia" began to consider a draft manifesto a session on the results of the party in 2002 (!)
I conclude that this draft manifesto is nothing but a hog-wash, designed to fill the available space noodles on the ears of Russians.
For those who are interested —, this text is a real manifesto of the party United Russia, adopted April 23, 2003. By the way the texts of the manifest self-and cross-afsem not :)

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