British intelligence HELPED Syrian rebels ALEPPO

British intelligence HELPED Syrian rebels ALEPPO
British intelligence helps Syrian rebels in Aleppo. About this newspaper The Sunday Times told the representative of the Syrian opposition.
Data acquired by the British military, based in Cyprus, Turkey and the United States are transmitted. The Turks, in turn, are stuffed with information freely army of Syria. According to the rebels, the British authorities «know and approve 100 percent» the fact that intelligence gets to the Syrian opposition.
Thanks to British spies rebels, namely, learned about the movement of troops and Assad were able to ambush and kill colonies consisting of more than 40 tanks and heading to Aleppo, in the plain near Sarakiba.
In addition, the rebels through the Turks got the image (what specifically — not specified) from U.S. satellites. Their Turkey receives from the CIA. «We have access to more than a month. Turks convey to us a little disk imaging, but it is fundamental in Aleppo, «- said the representative of the opposition.
Syrian rebels are fighting with government troops in Aleppo — the financial capital and the second largest city in the country — from the end of July. At times, the opposition can not figure out the route and poruha Assad troops on them, but so far the rebels have not opened the sources from which they receive data on the movements of the enemy.
Confrontation between rebels and supporters of Assad in Syria lasts from spring 2011. During this period, according to human rights activists in the country, killing more than 20 thousand people.

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