Bulls glorified own people, not power

At the grave of Vasil Bykov — moderate bunches of blue cornflowers, who adored writer, daisies, white and reddish pinks. In the morning there was no organized rallies, simply approached by people with flowers and silent stood at the grave … Talking to people:
Dzyadok"For me, the Bulls — that Belarus is the conscience, it’s true. I have it work, I reread" longish way home ", wonder how he managed to survive."
Prince"For me it is a real example of Belarusian".
Veteran"Vasil Bykov as old soldiers, we often talked about the war and the postwar period. Bykov I know not only from his works, I was friends with him. For me, the memory of Vasily day — it’s not just a date, and the memory of the lost fighter, a fighter, a decent friend. God grant his memory live in the hearts of our people, their work helped people understand the fears of war. "
Mrs."For me — it’s our people, it is our civilization, it is the spirit of our civilization. Any of his books — it is our disposition rysachka Belarusian. Bykov day of birth can not to forget, because I’m here."
Why Belarus and not memorialize Bykov? Why not in Minsk or Grodno, neither at home and have not appeared street named after Vasil Bykov?
Prince"The authorities do not need such people. People like the Bulls — power hurdle. Because while this power is — all that remains."
Guy"Scarecrow — this one. A in-2, we have the power of moral framework, which apparently it is shameful, being in power, follow the same street Bykov."
Prince"Indeed, the authorities have not matured to the point that for Belarus, which in general to a civilian society means European figure Bykov. Certainly, the fact that they are not ripe, it embarrassing and shameful. I know the fact that the local authorities have canceled Vitebsk reading . not mature enough to understand the power of our human values such huge figures, what was for us all Vasil Bykov. "
Mrs."The government never honored those who glorify. Bykov praised own people, not power. Because he apparently they do not like. But the time to dot the" i. "Those who are at the moment it is not values, they adsyplyutstsa removed. A Bulls — he endless. And the time will come and he will be honored. "
Prince"If you believe this aksakal our literature as Neil Gilevich Simonovic, he also wrote:" And we arrive, we arrive, we’ll get to Belarus. "And coupled with her and to Bykov." Tags: Bulls, cemetery, 19, June

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